Nominations...Applications...and the Waiting...Argh!!!

Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by W TX DAD, Dec 7, 2015.

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    Jan 8, 2015
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    A lot has changed in the past year, and I haven't even logged into the forums in many months. That's because my trip is over....but yours is just beginning. I just wanted to pop in and give a word of encouragement to all these fantastic young men and women (and the parents) that are on this roller coaster.

    I remember this time last year, I was combing these forums looking for every bit of insight into this crazy ride.

    Keep faith...get those applications done ASAP...get plan B and plan C in order...keep doing awesome things and good things will happen.

    As I told my DS last year at this time (application was done 30 Oct and we were in for the long wait working on back-up plans), the hard part is done. All the work that went into getting to the point where you are competitive is truly admirable and shows that you are amazing.

    The waiting is not easy. It's stressful for the applicant and the parents. Rolling acceptance means that you could be waiting a while. My advice is to get the application done and enjoy your Senior year. When the call will be the best day of your young life.

    Then...accolades, awards, visits from Congressmen, tons of inprocessing paperwork, graduation, a few fleeting weeks of summer, shedding tears on I-Day, and Basic Cadet Training.

    Before you know it, you are living the life of a cadet...and loving it.

    Keep the faith...enjoy the ride. It will be over before you know it and you'll be standing in line for another roller coaster.

    Good luck! Of course, I'm happy to answer questions if I can.

    - Dad of a ImageUploadedByTapatalk1449550437.635992.jpg 2019'er, Conquer Mind, Conquer All!
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    Oct 18, 2015
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    I am looking to apply to USAFA. I am currently a sophomore in high school. I am involved in high school class council, Civil Air Patrol (working towards Mitchell award), and am secretary in the astronomy club. I also am volunteer tutoring at my local library. I am taking all honors classes (we aren't allowed to take aps until we are juniors). I am running cross country and track at school. What else can I do to strengthen my resume? Would you say that I have adequate leadership activities?
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    That all looks fantastic. Keep it up. I am sure you have been looking at all the advice on the forums. There are some extremely knowledgeable folks on here (Pima, Christcorp, Fencersmother all come to mind), read and heed everything they have written. Grades, SAT/ACT scores are extremely important, as well as your ALO interview. Start building relationships with teachers, civil leaders, etc... You will need strong Letters of Recommendation, and those are easier to write if people know you.

    You certainly have good leadership activities. My son was a CAP officer and active in school clubs. Win some awards if you can and try to find something out of the box to do (summer internship, Boys State, etc...).

    The best advice I have is follow your dream and don't get discouraged. My son told anyone who would listen that he wanted to go to the Academy since 8th grade. Truthfully, no one paid much attention to it until his Junior year. Don't be discouraged because of lack of support, as you get closer, folks will be tripping over themselves to help you out.
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    Your extra-curriculars sound great. Push to get the Billy Mitchell early so it shows up on your application. My DS started CAP late after making Eagle, so he's pushing hard to make it.
    One question: Did you take the PSAT as a sophomore for practice? Whether you did or did not, get yourself a prep book or better yet a tutor so that you can knock the PSAT out of the park your junior year (and The Plan = pre-ACT). And then practice taking the SAT and ACT as many times as you can. Good luck!
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    Thanks, W TX DAD. We really needed the pep talk. DS completed app early and waited for ALO to submit interview +2 weeks after the deadline. So your encouraging words are much appreciated. Best of luck to your DS and your family. God bless!
    Btw - does anyone know when/how often the admissions board meets?
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    I don't know how often they meet. But. if you stick around the forums...
    you'll know when they meet. You will start seeing waves of appointments.

    Don't worry too much about the Early Action. We learned last year that an Early Action decision could mean that they decide to consider you in the normal admission cycle.

    The first waves (not LOAs and not recruited ICs) for us happened right after the new year. Then, the waves were pretty steady up until April/May, when there were large numbers of appointments.
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    Jan 8, 2015
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    19 of luck to your DS as well.
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    W TX Dad, thanks for all the information. I hope your DS is doing well and hanging in there at USAFA. When did your DS find out about his appointment?
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    He's hanging tough. I am sure he is ready for the next week to fly by, but so far...he loves it. Even as a Doolie.

    He found out on Jan 8 last year.

    If anyone is wondering what set him apart for early decision, I simply don't know. Everything on his application was well balanced, but nothing was over the top. MOC slate...not an IC...not top ranked in his class...didn't get 1600s on the SAT. Normal volunteerism, summer job, CAP leadership. His application was very similar to the young men and women I see on here all the time.

    I wish I had some great insight into what got him in on the first wave, but I don't.
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    Usafah, yes, keep up with sports you enjoy, and a few activities about which you are passionate.

    One thing that concerns me (and it's just my mom-radar rearing its ugly head) is the wording of your question: Do these activities seem adequate?

    Adequate... are you participating in CAP or Astronomy club just to be able to list an EC? Do what you LOVE!
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    Thanks, W TX DAD. We really needed the pep talk. DS completed app early and waited for ALO to submit interview +2 weeks after the deadline. So your encouraging words are much appreciated. Best of luck to your DS and your family. God bless!
    Btw - does anyone know when/how often the admissions board meets?[/QUOTE]

    W Tx is correct. No one will be able to tell you exactly when board meets, but if you watch the forums you will see "waves" of appointments start. In the past, the "big wave" hits about mid March. Most found out in March about appointments. That's when DS received word of his appointment back in 2014. I always encourage applicants/parents to not be upset if they do not get EA. Not very many receive EA appointments. I wish I had found this forum while we were waiting. Maybe it would have given us a clue and helped us relax a little at the time. Just expect to wait until March at least; If word comes earlier than that, then great ! Some get word of appointment all the way up to June. One thing is for sure: I Day is the same for everyone !! Don't forget to enjoy the journey.
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    Awesome message.
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    Amen to that.

    I can tell a fair number of people I've met didn't fully believe me when I told them this, but I honestly love my life here at USAFA. Yes, even as a freshman. Even with annoying doolie rules (which, by the way, are really not that big of a deal in the final analysis) and training sessions (which bond friends like nothing else I've ever seen).

    Is it hard? You better believe it is. Stressful? There's a reason why we have a medical facility right in the cadet area. Long nights with little sleep? I average about 5-5 1/2 hrs per weeknight, and only rarely get a chance to nap during the day.

    But would I trade my position with anybody else? Nope. I am still about as star-struck by the Academy as I was in 9th grade, even though I now know what it's really like. I know this isn't true for everybody, and I definitely don't look down on those who may not enjoy it as much as I do. But honestly, the Academy is everything I hoped it would be and more. I am thankful to God for the privilege of being here, every single day.

    I would encourage appointees (and candidates) to always remember their eagerness to come here. This attitude of gratefulness and determination will help you more than you can imagine in BCT and beyond. Trust me when I say that there will be times when you wonder how you're going to make it through the next day or so. Remember why you came, and never regret your decision. It will all be worth it in the end.

    (Oh, and nice photo W TX Dad. Those were some good times...)
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    What a great note! Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks Wildblue, those are such encouraging words and gives us all a glimpse of the upstanding young man you are. I am going to bookmark your post so I can save it for my DD when she becomes a doolie. :)
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    Wildblueyonder...I loved what you had to share! It is encouraging to hear from cadets that are still so happy about their acceptance to USAFA and even all of the challenges of Doolie year! My son (who is a C1C) is still happy about his acceptance to USAFA and the challenges, the honor, and the pride that he has taken in being part of the Long Blue Line. He has said from the beginning of his journey that USAFA was the best place for him....and he will always be thankful that he was selected for the privilege of attending this amazing academy. The friendships and bonds that you will form will be important for the remainder of your lives. It is so wonderful to know that the challenges and obstacles do help to create the character that will make all of these talented young men and women such gifted officers.
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    Jan 8, 2015
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    Class of 2019 Appointment Thread
    1. Juvat (DD), Appointment, 31 Oct, Presidential, FL-21
    2. Navydad1971 (DD), Appointment, 31 Oct, Presidential, MD-5
    3. KTMDad (DS), Appointment, 24 Oct, Presidential, CA-04
    4. RckyMtnKP (DS), Appointment, 31 Oct, Presidential, CO-5
    5. Gator19, Appointment, 31 Oct, Presidential, AL-01
    6. Mbleykhman (DD), Appointment, 19 Nov, Senators Nomination, IN-5
    7. keseabolt (DS), Appointment, 19 Nov, MOC, GA-09
    8. PNYRN85 (DD), Appointment, 12 Dec, MOC, NY-17
    9. HSmadi (DS), Appointment, 12 Dec, MOC/SenatorialPrincipal, AZ-08
    10. averyc (DD), Appointment, 12 Dec, MOC, GA - 07
    11. Target2019, Appointment, 20 Nov, JROTC, FL-08
    12. bpoythress, Appointment, 20 Dec, Congressional Nom, AL-06
    13. W TX DAD, Appointment, 9 Jan, MOC, TX-11
    14. got_milk, Appointment, 9 January, MOC, TN-06
    15. rolson2015, Appointment, 15 Jan, MOC, IL-17
    16. edutech (DS), Appointment, 20 Dec, MOC, PA - 09
    17. cookbook94 (DS), Appointment, 27 Jan., Senator Menendez, NJ -2
    18. matt96ss, Appointment, 29 Jan, Congressional/Presidential, FL-13
    19. robnbay (DS) Appointment, 29 Jan, Senatorial ranked alt/MOC Principal, AZ-9
    20. mnmom94 (DS) Appointment, 29 Jan, Congressional, MN-4
    21. MuricanFalcon Appointment 30 Jan, LEAD Program
    22. AmenToThat Appointment 30 Jan, LEAD Program
    23. mdzcpa (DS), Appointment 30 Jan, Senator Stabenow, MI-9
    24. mzach, Appointment 30 Jan, PA-12 Congressman Rothfus
    25. proudmom19 (DS), Appointment 3 Feb, NJ-05 Congressman Garrett
    26. tle, Appointment 03 Feb, CA-17 Congressional
    27. 1008brian
    28. ajkim97
    29. Shellz (DS) Appointment, 6 Feb, MOC, CA-49
    30. Chs-mom (DS), Appointment, 6 Feb, Principal Nomination, MOC, SC-01
    31. jaas (DS), Appointment-Jan, MOC, NC-05
    32. dorado.soldado, PREP, LEAD Program & 3 Congressional Nom, NH-01
    33. RogersCO'19, Appointment, Jan 31, Congressional Mom, Child of Disabled Vet Nom, AL-05
    34. RoyalDutch, Appointment, 13 Feb, MOC, WA-03
    35. MTNFOX, (DS), Appointment, 13-Feb, MOC, CA-46
    36. Grizzly, Appointment, 12 Feb, MOC, WI-03
    37. Ryan Yoo, Appointment 13 Feb, MOC
    38. Ford, Appointment 20 Feb, MOC, NY-25
    39. keepcalm&carreon, (DS), Appointment 20 Feb, MOC, CA-49
    40. Sunday Silence, (DS), Appointment 20 Feb, MOC KY-02
    41. Friesian101, Appointment 20 Feb, Senator Nom, WI-05
    42. ebotterb3, (DS) Appointment Jan 31, Congressional Nom, PA-11
    43. MelissaLeigh, Appointment 20 Feb, Congressional Nom, KS-04
    44. CA_Falcon_Dad, (DD) Prep-MMI, Appointment 20 Feb, Congressional Nom, CA-04
    45. zktkno14, Prep-NMMI, Appointment 20 Feb, Congressional, TX-12
    46.wiscogirl, Appointment 12 March, Congressional and Presidential, WI-03
    47. Malou, (DS) Appointment March 12, Congressional, MP
    48. Falconchic's DD Appointment 12 March via MOC notification, Congressional and Presidential, GA-9, portal update 19 March
    49. Hokienutz (DS) Appointment 29 January, Principal Congressional Nom, MOC, VA-05
    50. NLmom (DS) Appointment 13 March via MOC notification, IL-10
    51. Panini (DS) Appointment 13 March, CA-28
    52. USAFAmom-USNA-wife-WV Sneeringer (DS) Appointment 13 March via MOC notification WV-02
    53. Space2Bmom (DD) Appointment 13 March, Senator nomination, NM
    54. SemperFi2019, Appointment 13 MAR, Presidential, IL-06
    55. 250scp (DD), Appointment 13 Mar, Senator Burr, NC
    56. vshun (DS), Appointment 13 Mar, Senator Warner, Congressman Wolf (VA)
    57. Tribe2015 (DD), Appointment 13 Mar Senator Donnely IN
    58. Rhawaii15, Appointment 13 Mar, Senator, Congresswoman, HI
    59. Rchcpa (DD), Appointment, 13 March, MOC, FL-18
    60. UMDTOUSAFA?, Appointment, 13 March, MOC, MD-08 (call, no portal update)
    61. Dad55, (DS), Appointment 13 Mar, congressional/2 senatorial, MS-02
    62. SA'19, (DD), Appointment 13 March, congressional, presidential, AFJROTC, (call, no portal update)
    63. Hopefulinco18, (DS), Appointment 13 March, Senator Nom, CO-05 (call, no portal update)
    64. wildblueyonder, Appointment, 13 March, Senator nomination, FL-12 (call, portal update on 3/19)
    65. hopefullcadet2015, Appointment, 13 March, Senator Stabenow, MI-09 (call)
    66. KeepCalmand... (DS), Appointment 16 March, MOC notification (call, no portal update), Congressional and Senatorial Nom, OH-1
    67. SNF6, DS Appointment 16 March, MOC notification (cell phone call to DS at school), MS-1
    68. Ramstein USAFA, (DD) Appointment 13 March, Senator Feinstein & MOC CA-04
    69. PeterK, Appointment 16 March, MOC notification (voicemail from congressman), KY-2
    70. CharlesT, Appointment 13 March, Congressman Issa, CA-49 (call, no portal update)
    71. Kent2015, Appointment 16 March, Congressman Mica, FL-7 (call, no portal update)
    72. Hulagirl, Appointment 16 March, MOC notification, GA-12 (call, no portal update)
    73. Iowa 73 (DS), Appointment 16 March, Senator Harkin (Ernst), IA-02, called today
    74. Badger, Son, Appointment 16 March, Congressman Paul Ryan, called today, no portal update, WI-01
    75. Hodge, Appointment 17 March, Senator Kirk's office called, no portal update, IL-04
    76. Eryan456, Appointment 13 March, Congressional nomination, call- no portal update, WA-01
    77. USAFAMOM'19 (DD), Appointment, 17 March, Presidential, MOC and Senator noms, MOC called, no portal update yet, TN-06
    78. a1cdustinator, Appointment, 18 March, LEAD, Commander Called, no portal update
    79 Walk54 DD, Appointment, 16 March, MOC called, no portal update, Oh-15
    80. afmom2 (son) MA, Appointment by phone 12 March by MOC, no portal update
    81. npak97, Appointment, 13 March, Senator Kaine, MOC, VA-10 (call, no portal update)
    82. USAFA2019 (DS), Appointment, 16 March, Congressional/Senatorial, MS-01
    83. Cayden Sparks, Appointment, 18 March, Senator Roy Blunt (phone call no portal update)
    84. Mltryfam4gen (DS), Appointment, 20 February, MOC, CA -25
    85. Jeep17, Appointment, 17 March, Congressional nomination, AK (call, no portal update)
    86. ngpiro, Appointment, 19 March, Senator and Congressional Nominations, MD-01
    87. 2019 mom, (DS), 19 March, Congressional nomination, NY21- no call, portal update
    88. ab11 (DS), Appointment, March 19, Congressional Nomination, MA-04 (portal update)
    89. USAFA2019hopefu, appointment, 19 march, senator and congressional noms, ny-16, portal update no call
    90. sg2019, Appointment, 19 March, Congressional, NV-02, Portal update,no call
    91. baileydb, Appointment, 19 March, Congressional,Presidential, CO-04
    92.HellfromHeaven (DS), Appointment 12 March Senator Richard Durbin, IL Portal
    93.GottaFly19, Appointment, March 19, Sen Mikulski, Portal - MD-08
    94. Mustang (DS), Appointment, 13 March, Senator Stabenow, MI-11
    95. TheKirks (DS) Appointment, 19 March, Congressional (CA-52) Portal Update, No calling
    96. MD_Blue Crab (DD) Appointment, 19 March, Congressional (MD-05), Presidential, portal
    97. Swimgirl Appointment, 19 March, Portal
    98. Jessari Appointment, 19 March, Congressional (MN-01), Senator Franken, portal
    99. cpage1715, Appointment, 19 March, Congressional, Honorable Kevin Brady, portal
    100. oohaeagle, Appointment, 19 March, Congressional, Jody Hice, GA-10
    101. flyingtiger101, Appointment, 19 March, AFJROTC, CA-50, Portal
    102. thatmom (DD), Appointment, 19 March, Senator Schatz, HI, Portal Update.
    103. DF-CJG-KS (DS), Appointment, 19 March, Congressional, KS-03, Portal
    104. jwest182, Appointment, 19 March, Congressional/Presidential, MO-02, MOC Call, then Portal Update
    105. Craigb21, Appointment, 19 March, Congressional/Presidential, PA-6, Portal Update
    106. b1driver (DS), Appointment, March 19, Presidential, VA-01, portal/e-mail
    107. Eaglemomx2 (DS), Appointment, March 19, Presidential, GA, portal/e-mail
    108. bd159 (DS), Appointment, 12 March, Senator Cruz, TX, Portal Update.
    109. Cannonball, Appointment, March 19, congressional, no phone call, portal update.
    110. USNA 1987, DS, Appointment March 19, Congressional (FL-17), Presidential, Portal Update/email
    111. ctkttww's DS, Appointment March 19, Congressional (KS-03), Portal Update
    112. Nograde1, DS, Appointment March 13, Presidential, Senator ME
    113. thepojoman, Appointment March 13, Congressional (MN-02), Phone call
    114. Horatio, Appointment 12 March, Congressional (FL), Portal Update
    115. grlruns597, Appointment April 2, Senatorial/Congressional (AL-01), Phone Call
    116. DyllanA, Appointment March 12,
    Congressional/Senatorial (MA-09), Portal Update
    117. sst116(SON) Appointment 31 March, LEAD program, Commander Called. 181st Intelligence wing Indiana ANG
    118. MI03Dad (DD), Appointment 12 March, Senator Levin / Rep. Amash (MI-03), congressman call
    119. DnLsMom (DS), appointment April 3, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (San Francisco), Portal Update with email appointment
    120. Blueblood1 (DD) appointment 9 April, call from MOC. CA 02.
    121. clandyan (DS), Appointment April 10, Presidential/Congressional, TX-21, Portal Update
    122. 2agsandaUSAFAwannabe (DS), Appointment April 10, Presidential/Congressional, TX-01, Portal update
    123. CandidatePop (DS), Appointment 10 April, Presidential, Portal Update
    124. ultimatelife, Appointment 10 April, Presidential, Portal Update
    125. UCONNHusk, Appointment 19 April, LEAD, Commander called
    126. BigB27 appointment mid March Presidential/MOC Va-04
    127. Boozebin (DS), Appointment 15 May, Prep School
    128. wannafly18 (DD), Appointment 15 May, Prep


    Just to give everyone an idea of rolling admissions....this is last year's appointment thread.

    It's said that this forum normally represents about 10% of the applicants (which seems to be accurate, 1258 in class of 2019).

    As you can see, Feb had about 45 appointments. If the 10% rule is accurate, then only about 1/3 of the appointments were given out before the huge wave in March. A few in April and prep appointments in May.

    Keep the faith.
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    Thanks so much W TX DAD. Patience is a virtue for sure!o_O
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    Sports? If not why not?

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