Nominations from College


Jan 13, 2017
It is to my understanding that even if you attend an out of state college, you will most likely be required to get nominations from your state of residency. My state tends to do interviews quite late (Nov, Dec, Jan) and I was wondering if anyone has any experience in how this will work if I am not able to be home during these times?
It is not uncommon to do the over the phone. Contact the Nominating Source's POC and ask how it works specifically with them.
DS and several others did Skype interviews from college. They had a specific scheduled slot on the same day that local kids had their in-person interviews. That was here in TX-26.
The reason college students apply from their "home state" is that almost all are still considered dependents of their parents. Thus the state/district of legal residency does not change.

Even for "emancipated" students, it is nearly impossible to get residency changed in time for the MOC applications -- i.e., driver's license, voter registration, car registration. Also, most freshman college students don't own or rent property at/near their college b/c they're living in a dorm. Even if you could change everything, an MOC nominating committee generally isn't going to be super-excited about giving a nom to someone who has been in the state for a month and has zero intention in most cases of making that residency permanent. Not saying it's never happened, but if so it's very rare.

Some college kids come back for interviews but most do it via Skype.