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Nov 4, 2007
I've recieved a letter from one senator, senator sherrod Brown, saying that im recieving a interview with him. However, neither my congressman nor my other senator has sent ANY letter to me. Im really begining to get anxious here :eek: . Does anyone know why I haven't recieved a letter yet? Because I'd rather get a defferal letter than no letter whatsoever. Also, if one recieves one of those "Scholastically qualified and eligible to compete further" letters, do they have a better shot at recieving a Nomination from a Congressman or Senator than someone who has not?
Thank you :smile:
Members of Congress set their own agenda. Some may not even conduct interviews. I wouldn't worry at this point.
Go ahead and call your Congressman's office and Senator Voinovich's office. Make sure they have your completed package and just tell them you have an interview scheduled with Senator Brown and you are wondering if interviews will be held and when you should expect to hear.

Make sure to use excellent phone manners - identify yourself, ask for the person who handles service academy nominations, apologize for the bothersome phone call and have a friendly tone throughout.
Do not be afraid to contact these people! They are "public servants." They want to answer your questions and will not hold it against you for being inquisitive!
thanks for everyones advice! I recieved a letter today from timothy ryan of district 17. My interview is the eighth at 11ish. He's the one i think i have a chance with. fingers crossed for voinivich!
I have an interview with Voinovich's office on 15 Dec (for USAFA), when is yours?
I have a feeling im just not getting a interview with him because he has still not sent me a letter... Luckily, I have a interview with senator Brown and Congressman Tim Ryan...
don't fret it. in many of the larger states it is common to get an interview with one or even no senators. you can still get a nom from your congressman. hang in there. one step at a time -:wink: