Not enough funds for 3-year AROTC scholarship


Aug 23, 2016
My DD is a non-scholarship MS1. She is apparently highly-rated and was initially told by her Master Sergeant that he was not worried about her getting a 3-year scholarship. Now she has been told they want to give her a scholarship but there are not enough funds for it to kick in next fall, and instead it would start next Spring. He specifically asked about her financial ability to get through the fall semester, which seems odd. Maybe he was just showing concern for her, but would it make any difference how she answered that question? He also said it could change if funds become available, which I assume is affected by how many others accept scholarships and/or lose their scholarships? Anyone else hear something similar?
I'm sure they were just asking about her financial situation for next Fall to determine whether or not she would be enrolling for the Fall semester of her sophomore year without the scholarship. The reason I'm sure is so they can make the decision to plan on giving her the scholarship in the Spring, or offer it to someone else that they are sure will be there in the Fall. It does happen that funds come available early and she could be offered the scholarship during the Fall semester.
My DS was approached in the fall of his MS -I year in a similar way. He was advised that he was to be awarded a 3 year campus based scholarship.

The ROO also informed him that there existed a possibility of extending the scholarship another half year beginning in the Spring semester, but at the time there were no funds. In our case we were okay financially, paying for the whole year.

The following February he was notified that the half year was extended for him as their budget funds came through.
Thanks for the responses. After clarifying some things with the ROO, it appears that this is common and there is a good chance funds will become available before fall. I think the question about financial ability was indeed about just ensuring that she will be able to stay until the scholarship kicks in. I know DD has asked multiple times about the scholarship, probably indicating that she is depending on it, so I'm sure it was also meant to show concern.
We normally don't get funding until the end of each semester, so it can be hard to predict how many scholarships and their lengths. Most ROTC units have established a scholarship OML long before any money becomes available.