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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by USAFA2018, Jul 16, 2013.

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    At the summer seminar, someone mentioned completing applications by November 1st? Is this when they start accepting people? Would it be better to submit my act (35 English 31 math 27 reading 27 science 31 writing 30 composite) if I can't raise it up in September or October or submit my application early to have a better shot of getting in?
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    You should submit all your scores. Including those. Then, as you take the test again, submit those scores too. The academy super scores. Which means you can never go down. If tour next set of scores has your math go down but your science goes up, the academy keeps your higher math from the first time and the higher science from the second time. Always submit all scores.
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    I concur!
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    I believe you are referring to "Early Action." It's a new thing they are doing this year. They didn't give out an official date but if you complete your entire application near November first then you will hear back in mid-January. They will tell you whether you are accepted, denied, or put back in the pool with everyone else. If this isn't what you were referring to then this was just a little extra info for ya!:thumb:
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    Huh? What?

    To get an appointment you need a nom. Noms aren't due until the end of Jan from the MOCs. Are they moving the nom deadline date to Dec 1st?

    An apptmt cannot be charged to a source until every candidate submits their package, and they don't close out that until end of Feb.

    A candidate on a slate can wait until the last day to submit their CFA. An MOC can't be charged any of those 10 on the slate until the 10th submits. IOTW, the nom can occur in Nov., but if candidate 10 doesn't complete their file until the last day, NOBODY on that slate can be charged.

    They can be appointed, but NOT CHARGED.

    OBTW, Sen. Burr from NC typically does not hold their interviews until the 1st week of Jan. NJ traditionally don't hand out noms until Jan. No nom = no apptmt.

    That alone throws the EA system down the drain. If you are discussing LOAs regarding EA, the AFA is the stingiest of every SA. Maybe 10% get LOAs.

    In yrs past the boards start meeting every Monday starting right after Columbus Day in October.

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