NROTC 2nd Board results


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My son has tough decisions ahead:

- 4-Year AFROTC Scholarship - accepted to University of Texas - Austin
- 4-Year AROTC Scholarship - accepted to Colorado School of Mines
- 4-Year NROTC Scholarship - placed at University of Texas - Austin. Will accept.
***He has an application in EA with Georgia Tech and may try to move it there if accepted.

Info reference NROTC at UT-Austin or Georgia Tech might help him.
Just curious, why accept AFROTC at UT-Austin already and NROTC at same school when deadline for AFROTC is 31 May and Type 1 scholarship can be used at any participating school?
Part of the reason his decision is tough is he wants to be a pilot. He has bunches of friends going to UT. He also loves Colorado School of Mines - he visited last spring. He is accepting the scholarships - and will most likely go to UT for AF or Navy, or CSM for Army. I never had these kind of choices growing up.
He can go aviation in any of the services. I would keep NROTC at UT-A and keep AFROTC open until other schools come back and then decide. Just my two cents.
Valuable 2 cents. I'll help him work thru his options. I know he is very hopeful for an acceptance to Georgia Tech. Thanks.
Good luck everybody!!!! We were there last year - we heard before Christmas but many of my DD's buds heard much later in the Spring so keep your chin up and try not to stress!