NROTC and AROTC Nurse Chances

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    I have seen a lot of these posts before so I decided to post my stats and see what everyone thinks. I understand that no one really knows what the board is looking for I just want to see everyone's suggestions.

    High School Senior from CT
    Interested in both NROTC and AROTC Nursing
    3.3 unweighted gpa
    3.5 weighted gpa
    class rank 32 out of 93
    I take honor and AP courses
    SAT 510 math 530 verbal (currently taking prep courses to raise my scores)
    Varsity Cross-Country 3 years Captain 2 years
    Varsity Swimming 4 years Captain
    Varsity Lacrosse 2 years Captain 3 ( one year JV) Honorable Mention All-Conference and All-State
    National Honor Society member
    Class Officer Junior year
    Student Government 2 years
    Work as a Lifeguard and Swim Instructor summer- 30 hours a week/school-4 hours a week
    Volunteer at local Hospital 100 hours
    Father is a retired Commander in Navy Reserve 22 years in service ( I don't know if this will help with anything)

    Thanks in advance for the suggestions!
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    First, Dad's prior experience won't help except as you use him as a resource. As you already know, your SAT scores need to improve dramatically. Your leadership and athletics look good to me. I can't speak to nursing but expect grades in courses like Chem and Bio may come into play.
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    Try taking the ACT as well...

    As I now understand it through 2 children the SAT is more of and IQ type test and the ACT is more of what you have learned through the years. This would be the short of the very, very long of how we understand the differance between the two.

    I see your in CT the ACT is not "yet" as popular as the SAT; however, it carries equal weight. My DS ACT grades were used for NROTC and they were posted in the SAT score format.

    For math he was a 32 = SAT 720
    For English he was a 31 = SAT 700

    So instead of seeing the 32 / 31 we see 720 / 700.

    Again this is how the NROTC posted the marks not something that I have made up. He took the SAT and did well but not as well as the ACT. Take an ACT practice exam and see what you can do.

    Good luck...
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    I agree take the ACT because that SAT score really needs to jump up. Some kids do better on the ACT.

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