NROTC Chances? (Here we go again)

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    Hi everyone I just submitted my application for the 4-year NROTC scholarship. I know there are a ton of these questions out there but I had a couple of other questions about this year's board.

    ACT:30 (29 English 27 Math)
    GPA: 4.14
    Class Rank 137/343
    Intended major: aeronautical engineering

    Varsity football 3 years and baseball freshman sophomore. Member of NHS and Science NHS. President of Model United Nations club. Co founder/ president of a club founded to help out kids interested in a military career (pt, applications etc). Member of science olypiad club. Went to a military leadership camp at Norwitch U two years ago and got selected for promotion this year and returned as a Corporal. Tons of community service (interviewer told me it we the most she had ever seen on an application)

    Some questions I had other than "what are my chances" are...

    1.) Is my SAT competitive enough?
    2.) is it true that they are lowering the # of 4 year scholarships in favor of 2/3 year scholarships for midshipmen who have proven themselves?

    (Also trying to apply to the academy)

    Thank you all you knowlagable people for your help and advice!
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    It may or may not be good enough. They are looking at the whole person and that score is only one aspect. I know 1 1330 was not good enough for DS to win a 4 year Marine Option scholarship, but then he was weaker in other areas. If your score is not 1 1600 you should be trying to improve it.

    So rumor has it. I suspect only NavyNOLA, on this board, could give a definitive answer. I'm not even sure goals have been set for this year. so who knows?
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    Your SAT/ACT is below the average of 1430/31. They are heavily weighted in the scoring formula. I'd recommend giving it another shot if you can.

    Yes, the number of 4-year Nationals started decreasing last year and that has not changed this year, as part of something called Precision Loading. More 2 and 3 year side loads are being offered during the summers instead to strong College Programmers to replace attrition.