NROTC college majors and commissioning into the Navy


Feb 20, 2017
I have a question about NROTC college majors and commissioning into the Navy. Is it true that to commission into the Navy as an officer you must have a Tier 1 major that happen to be all engineering majors. I've heard conflicting reports about this.

I'm currently a freshman at TAMU in Mech Engineering and always wanted to become a Navy Officer but not sure I like engineering. Are there alternative majors? I'm not currently on scholarship and investigating other majors. Is engineering still required if I try for advanced standing?

Any advice greatly appreciated
No you don't have to be a Tier 1 major. 85% of NROTC scholarships are granted to Tier 1 and 2 majors, which makes it easier to be accepted into the program if your major is in one of these categories. I'm assuming you are not currently enrolled in NROTC. If you are not enrolled and do not win a scholarship while in college, you would need to be approved to continue into the advanced program after your sophomore year. Again, it's easier to get this approval if you're a tier 1 or 2, but tier 3 majors do commission. BTW, no one care what Marine Option participants major in. I'm sure you can get all your questions answered by heading over to the NROTC unit and asking them there.

BTW, once you're in the program you need permission to change your major, at least if you are contracted (on scholarship).