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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by King Twix, Jul 25, 2016.

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    May 26, 2016
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    Today I completed my officer interview. I think I did very well. The officer said he would give me his recommendation and that he thinks I would fit perfectly into the program. He also implied that from what he's seen, he thinks I have a good chance of winning the scholarship.

    How much weight will the interview carry, and how does this improve my chances?

    Thank you!
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    The interview, your high school transcript/GPA, and your standardized test scores are the three highest weighted areas. So, yes, a good interview bodes well. However, his "recommendation" could mean a lot of different things. Each applicant gets rated 1-5 in a number of categories and then given one of four overall ratings: do not recommend, recommend, strongly recommend, highest recommendation. Strongly and highest are what you want. Your score in each category and then the overall rating translate into points, and then the interviewer's written comments are factored in as well and scored.

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