1. benfoster0


    As a junior in high school, I'm preparing to begin interviews with MOCs, and later on (hopefully) ALOs. I wanted to know besides grades, sports, and activities, what are some appropriate things I can talk about in my resume/interview? What I had in mind especially is the fact that my dad is a...
  2. M

    Rotc interview attire

    Don’t know if I should go for the suit ie just a blazer, white dress shirt, tie, and khakis with nice shoes or just a nice button down khakis etc
  3. J


    How are the West Point interviews? Should I prepare a resume or some other type of information? What kind of questions should I prepare for?
  4. C76706340

    VMI Institute Scholarship Program Interview

    Hello VMI community, I received a letter from VMI yesterday notifying me that I had been selected as a potential candidate for VMI's Institute Scholarship Program. However, I was also informed that I'll need to sit in for an interview conducted by "members of the scholarship selection...
  5. G


    my deadline is next sunday, march 4th. I've been held back for the longest time because they never cleared that they had received my transcript T_T. and now I have to find an interviewer omg. I live in nj. You think I can call the rotc in TX cuz I got into UT. and ask for a skype call? is that...
  6. A

    PMS interview was blunt... Thoughts?

    Had my AROTC interview this morning with the local PMS. He was very blunt and asked many “gotcha” questions and I knew he was just trying to see how I respond to being drilled with quick questions. However I am somewhat concerned with the fact I was not asked any questions about my character...
  7. L

    How did I do on my CFA?

    Basketball throw: 72.5 ft. Pull-ups: 13 Shuttle Run: 8.6 Sit-ups: 76 Push-ups: 44 (I know that's not great) Mile Run: 6:35 I'm not sure how the scoring works, any clarification is appreciated, thanks. Bonus Question: I have my congressional interview on Saturday, any tips?
  8. W

    AIM participant - interview request?

    I attended CGA's AIM program this past summer, and have already submitted my application for Early Action consideration. I have heard that my evaluation at AIM is taken into consideration when my application is reviewed, and that such evaluation is technically my "interview". However, should I...
  9. JohnJr1601

    Blue and Gold Officer

    Hello Everyone, Many people have told me to establish good connections with my BGO, but I am having difficulty with some things. First, how do you know who your Blue and Gold Officer is? I checked on the USNA website (, and I saw three BGO (for VA). I was...
  10. cama93

    ROTC PMS interview

    Hi everyone, I recently did my Professor of Military Science interview for Army ROTC. If any of you have any questions about it, I am ready to answer them! I also did my interview over Skype (first ever interview via this medium) so if you know you are going to have it that way as well I can...
  11. P

    ROTC Interview

    Hi i'm going to be having my NROTC interview in the next few weeks and was wondering what to wear, I have a suit but is that too much and if so what would be more appropriate. Also if you have any other tips on what to bring, do, or how to prepare for the interview let me know, any help would be...
  12. C

    How competitive am I for a ROTC scholarship?

    I come from a non-military family, and I am at the end of my Junior year in High School. My parents are very supportive of my interest in ROTC/Military Academies, but like me, they don't really know how to navigate the process. Anyway, this summer I am going to visit most of my top choices for...
  13. JohnJr1601


    Hey, I was wondering what I should do. My family is friends with An Admiral in the U.S. Navy, and I really want to go to the Naval Academy. During my interview should I mention that I am friends with him should I put it on my application, and should I ask him if he has any advice on getting into...
  14. C

    Field Force Help

    My MALO recently contacted me to schedule a Field Force Interview at a local restaurant. He did not indicate the dress attire, so I was wondering if anyone on here could help me with it. Do I wear a suit or just something like a nice collared shirt and khakis?
  15. N

    Nomination Interview

    I have applied for multiple nominations but have not had an interview for one yet. Also, I have not gotten a nomination yet. :/ My first interview is this upcoming Saturday and I am very unprepared for the interview. Any pointers? Any knowledge on what types of questions will be spoken?
  16. ElectedTuna

    WA Nominations

    Hi everyone, I submitted my nomination applications to my senators in Washington about a month ago and haven't heard back yet. I talked with someone today and they told me there are no interviews for senators. I had my congressional nomination interview today and they said my application was...
  17. S

    Army ROTC Scholarship Interview Tips

    Hello, I have applied for the AROTC 4-year Nursing Scholarship and I have my interview with a PMS on Monday. Here are my credentials: 3.6 Unweighted//3.85 Weighted GPA 1300 SAT (650 M/650 CR&W) Co-Captain of Varsity Cheerleading Four AP classes with 4 on all exams Member of National Honor...
  18. B

    Nomination Interviews: What to Expect?

    I will be attending three separate congressional interviews for potential nominations, and I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what to expect at these interviews? Is it similar to, for instance, the USAFA ALO interview (in terms of question types)? Anything anybody has regarding the...
  19. tommyboy44

    MOC Board Interviews

    Hello everyone. Though this announcement is less than stellar compared to some of the appointments and LOA's going out, today I was noticed by my Congressman and both of my Senators that I have been selected for nomination interviews. All three of these interviews are a board interview style...
  20. A

    Timing an Interview

    Hello everyone, I'm an applicant for the 4 year AROTC Scholarship, have an interview question. Is it a set rule everything must be uploaded and have to have interviewee status to interview with PMS? I'm trying to make it for the first board, the problem is, my school is having problems...