1. G

    Nearly 2 months after interview, ALO still has not submitted form. What should I do?

    Hi all, I conducted my interview with my ALO in early September, and she promised to submit it within a week. About 3 weeks later I asked her if she had submitted it, and she said that she hadn't, and "would get it in by the weekend." Fast forward to 2 days ago, and the form is still not...
  2. SandBaby

    Evaluator ALO?

    Need of some advice... My USAFA application is nearly complete with the exception of the Evaluator interview. I first reached out via email to my EALO on November 11 and did not hear anything back. I sent two follow-up emails, each a week apart, and similarly did not receive a response. I...
  3. E

    ROTC PMS Interview

    Hello, Does the PMS interview have to be with a PMS of my #1 school or can it be from my #2 school, which is much closer to my house? Thank you.
  4. E

    How was your service academy interview?

    Hi everyone, today I just had my first service academy interview for my congressman and it didn't really go how I expected. I expected it to be around 20 minutes to 30 minutes long, but it only lasted about 10 minutes and I wasn't asked many in depth questions. I was asked the obvious like why...
  5. B

    nomination strategy

    Hi all. A question regarding congressional nominations: My DD is 1 of 10 nominated by a MOC to USNA. USNA is her top, and she has 2 more nom interviews in the coming weeks. She is unsure if she should say USNA is her top in these next cong interviews because she already got a nom and does...
  6. M

    NROTC Marine Option Interview

    I am going in to meet with a Marine Staff Sergeant in regards to my pursuit of an NROTC Marine Option Scholarship. I only got the ball rolling on this process a few days ago and have not started an official application yet, the SSgt said I would be able to do that once we met. Has anyone had a...
  7. FØB Zero

    PMS Interview not being scheduled

    Howdy y’all. I have 5 different local schools‘ AROTC PMS numbers offered on the AROTC application. I have called all of these numbers. 3 will not pickup, and 2 say they will forward my information to the higher command (bc the Secretary pickups). I have been calling them back every 2 weeks for...
  8. Beamer

    CFA and Interview

    This is my first post. I am currently applying to USAFA, USNA, and USMA. I am pretty much finished with all of these applications except the essays, CFA, and their respective interviews. I am hoping to get into USAFA as my first and and USNA as my second. I just have a few questions. I...
  9. T

    Liaison Officer Interview/Evaluation Tips

    Hi all, I have my interview scheduled for this Thursday; I am excited and a bit nervous. To those who have already done their interview, and maybe some current liaison officers, what would be some advice on this interview? Thanks, -T
  10. A

    ALO Interview Through FaceTime/Skype and CFA questions.

    Hello, I assume these questions have been asked quite frequently; however, it would be great to get all of the info in one thread. I will be doing my ALO interview on Tuesday, as well as my Candidate Fitness Assessment on Monday. I am wondering how much the CFA will be taken into account for...
  11. K

    Official Interview

    I opened up my candidate portal today and saw a new section titled "Official Interview" which must be completed with a Liason Officer in my area. This was not here the last I checked, but I haven't updated anything since. Does this need to be completed by January 31st with the rest of the...
  12. hbrady

    ROTC Interview Tips

    Before my NROTC Interview I was looking through the forums for any advice I could find. Most threads weren’t up to date and there wasn’t a lot of information about what women should wear for the interview, so I thought that I’d drop my two-cents here. Interview Tips Be overqualified This may...
  13. R

    AROTC PMS Interview

    I have recently been moved to PMS interviewee status and was wondering where I should schedule my interview. My top schools are Stanford, Duke, and Vanderbilt. I do not live near any of these schools and was wondering if I should schedule my interview with someone whose school I’m not applying...
  14. BBF2003


    As a junior in high school, I'm preparing to begin interviews with MOCs, and later on (hopefully) ALOs. I wanted to know besides grades, sports, and activities, what are some appropriate things I can talk about in my resume/interview? What I had in mind especially is the fact that my dad is a...
  15. M

    Rotc interview attire

    Don’t know if I should go for the suit ie just a blazer, white dress shirt, tie, and khakis with nice shoes or just a nice button down khakis etc
  16. J


    How are the West Point interviews? Should I prepare a resume or some other type of information? What kind of questions should I prepare for?
  17. C

    VMI Institute Scholarship Program Interview

    Hello VMI community, I received a letter from VMI yesterday notifying me that I had been selected as a potential candidate for VMI's Institute Scholarship Program. However, I was also informed that I'll need to sit in for an interview conducted by "members of the scholarship selection...
  18. G


    my deadline is next sunday, march 4th. I've been held back for the longest time because they never cleared that they had received my transcript T_T. and now I have to find an interviewer omg. I live in nj. You think I can call the rotc in TX cuz I got into UT. and ask for a skype call? is that...
  19. A

    PMS interview was blunt... Thoughts?

    Had my AROTC interview this morning with the local PMS. He was very blunt and asked many “gotcha” questions and I knew he was just trying to see how I respond to being drilled with quick questions. However I am somewhat concerned with the fact I was not asked any questions about my character...
  20. L

    How did I do on my CFA?

    Basketball throw: 72.5 ft. Pull-ups: 13 Shuttle Run: 8.6 Sit-ups: 76 Push-ups: 44 (I know that's not great) Mile Run: 6:35 I'm not sure how the scoring works, any clarification is appreciated, thanks. Bonus Question: I have my congressional interview on Saturday, any tips?