NROTC -MO status question

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Dec 4, 2017
I have applied for NROTC -Marine Option and have been continually checking my status as my district results haven’t been released yet for the first board but will soon. Starting last night whenever I try to log in and check I receive error messages and cannot get in. My information is all correct. Is the site being updated or something ?
I am getting the same results and have not heard anything back either
Including trying a different browser? Did youclose your browser after clearing the cache to kill the session and get rid of what's in memory?
I’ve been getting the error for the past few days, I think it’s just something wrong with the site not your browser
Site is back up........still no status change on the Board.
Historically, and this might depend on the district you're in, the website doesn't update until long after board notifications have gone out for the first board. My son was selected on the first board, but his status didn't change until January timeframe.
DS received an email of congratulations (Navy option). Hard to miss as it was in the subject line. Make sure and check your SPAM folder! And good luck!
Results for the fall Marine boards have not officially been released on NETFOCUS/to the units yet. Perhaps later this week/early next week....
Are you notified (by any means) if you are NOT selected by the first board for marine option, or does that vary by district?
Are you notified (by any means) if you are NOT selected by the first board for marine option, or does that vary by district?

Your OSO or other member of the recruiting team may contact you, especially if they want to help you improve your package for the spring board. But I don't believe you receive any notification via NETFOCUS.
My sons experience a few years back matched NOLA's comments. Portal did not change for DS but he was contacted by email and encouraged to improve his application.
Thanks folks. Putting together this and other threads, it appears you MIGHT hear if there is positive news sometime between middle December and Christmas. Otherwise, you may or may not hear negative news (or ways to improve application) any time in the next few months. So, heading over to the other thread that advises only controlling what you can control, keeping plans B, C, D etc. in focus, and embracing the "hurry up and wait"...
What I told my son..........when they say the results will be released by 15 Nov..........that really means............add 4-6 weeks.........give or take.........