NROTC Scholarhips Update

Whistle Pig

Jun 9, 2006
Has anyone heard ANYTHING about the NROTC scholarships awarding status? Uncertain of how this "goes" and am wondering if anyone has heard anything from Pensacola yet?:confused:
From my experience in dealing with NROTC from a DoDMERB standpoint, and knowing when they dump the applicants into the DoDMERB system (they will only dump names into the DoDMERB system when scholarships are granted), the NROTC scholarship board meets several times throughout the year. If my memory serves me right (and it seems to be getting a little weak at times) there were dumps in Oct, Jan, Mar (the big one usually), Apr, May, with a few more in Jun, Jul.

Now I could be way off, but NROTC usually put at least a hundred names in the system at a time, and that was something that definitely caught my attention. It could have been a couple of weeks between the time NROTC sent the letter stating the scholarship was granted and the time they put the applicant into the DoDMERB system. But I know there were times that the applicant was placed into the DoDMERB system before they got the letter from NROTC. So if you see NROTC in the DoDMERB system for your child the chances are VERY good that the scholarship was granted (I'm not going to say definitely because mistakes happen and policies change!).
Jimbo ... as ALWAYS, your counsel is clear, concise, and understandable even by ignorant novices like me. It seems to me that the NROTC process makes USNA look crystal clear albeit no walk in the park.

Thank the Lord for interpretors like you who so nicely and generously lend unrewardable help to the lost like me.

Thanks RetNavyHM!

btw, sorry that the ONE THING I can inform you about is ... that memory gliche does NOT improve with time ... even with a heavy prescription of viagra (or whatever the drug one should take when I can't remember what I'm doing or how it used to be or who it was with or ...) All I know is I can't remember much but I'm having a great time ...
Whistle Pig, you might want to consult your doctor to see if your taking the right meds for the right thing. Keep on top of things because the kids are always looking for a reason to put us all away in "a home". :yllol:
I don't give a hoot! I'm having a ball.:cool:

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