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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by redsox9, Sep 1, 2013.

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    I just submitted my application in time for the first board meeting, August 28. My NROTC status says that my application is at the Naval Education and Training Command for final processing and selection determination. Does anybody know approximately when I might hear about the outcome? Any insight or personal experiences regarding hearing back from the program would be much appreciated. Thanks
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    If you are not given a scholarship by the first board, you will automatically re-boarded. You will almost certainly not be notified if that took place. You could end up waiting until April to hear a final decision. If you are awarded a scholarship by a board you will normally hear within 30 days or sooner. It's typically sooner, but I have known it to take as long as 30 days sometimes.
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    My son found out after the first board. As kinnem said, it was about 30 days later he found out he was offered a full scholarship. He accepted immediateldy, and we are glad he did because he didn't get into any of the academies. Had a nom, great grades, athletics, everything....but didn't get in. Point is: NROTC scholarship is a fantastic plan B. Take it immediately and make sure you get accepted to your first choice school and you will not be unhappy.
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    Don't count on the portal for your updates. It can be notoriously slow to update. Its a matter of timing and mass updates. Its likely you may hear via US Mail first.

    If you are not selected in the first board, you will be reboarded. There is no notification - it happens automatically.

    Good luck!
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    Just remember that this is a queue system. Many candidates will have submitted their package starting back in late July/early August. Those candidates will meet the board prior to you.

    Boards are scheduled for X amount of days. They are not scheduled for X amount of files to process. IOTW, if they have 3000 applicants and can get through only 2200 in those scheduled days, than that is all they will go through. They are not going to stay another day to get through the remaining packets, those will be placed on top for the next board to address.

    Thus, it might not just be you were boarded, but not awarded at this board, instead they did not board you at all due to the queue.
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    The Process


    Not sure if it helps but to follow Pima's response my DS had his application completed and submitted I think some time in June. His package was sent to the board several weeks ago.

    I'm not going to give board dates (there will be some LOL's with me on this note...); however, this is how my DS application currently reads.

    Selection Status:
    No decision has been made on your application.
    At one point it did read out like yours.

    The advise I have been given for me and my DS is: "The hard work is done, sit back and enjoy the ride. If selected then the 2nd phase of the ride begins." DoDMERB... It's a long road, September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April.

    All the very best to you...keep working hard in school.
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