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    Hello Everybody,

    I'm junior in high school and fairly new to this forum since USNA is my top choice then my second choice is ROTC. I am wondering if there is a difference between schools such as Harvard vs a state school or local college and their ROTC programs. Will the school you attend effect the probability of getting your top choice when being commissioned?

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    The school you attend will have no influence on getting your choice of assignment when you commission. That choice will depend solely on your performance. Although the quality of NROTC programs might vary (and I think that happens only around the margins) that variability has nothing to do with the college. Much might depend on how close to a base one is for training purposes. Certainly the curriculum will be the same at each unit. Summer cruises will not vary because of the unit/college.

    Pick the college that is best for you and your major while considering if you could afford to attend there without the scholarship. One could always lose the scholarship due to health issues, academic issues, doing something stupid like getting a DUI, or decide that NROTC or the military is not for them.

    If you're successful in college you'll generally be successful in NROTC and vice versa.
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    Depending on your major, especially if you might decide to go AFROTC, you may limit your commissioning options, especially if your performance lags at all.
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