NROTC - Trading Scholarship for Advanced Standing

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by AJC, Oct 23, 2015.

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    I hope this makes sense;
    Can a NROTC (MO) scholarship awarded to school A be exchanged for advanced standing at school B?
    I understand the process for requesting a scholarship be moved to another school. I am asking in the event such a request is denied.
    My son has been accepted to his first choice school. If he is awarded a scholarship to any of the other schools on his list he may not want it because he does not want to go to that school (the mandatory in state choice for example). His first choice is offering money and would be affordable without the NROTC scholarship. Since his goal is to commission advance standing is all he needs to keep him on the same track plus provide summer training opportunities.
    Purely hypothetical at this point.
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    If he were not offered a scholarship to his first choice school, he could turn down the scholarship to the state school and enroll in NROTC at his first choice school instead. He cannot be awarded advanced standing until after his sophomore year, so there would be no guarantee going in as a freshman that he would receive advanced standing. He could also reapply for a scholarship to the school he is attending during his freshman year and again during his sophomore year.
    All of that being said, I would think it very unusual if he was not awarded the scholarship for his first choice school.
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    +1 to bman. Further your scenario is three steps down the road. Your planning is commendable but I think will be unnecessary.
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    Also, keep in mind, if he isn't on scholarship there won't be any other summer training opportunities other than the 6 week bulldog course at Quantico he'd be taking after his junior year if he achieved advanced standing. Having said that, another option is the PLC program as a path to commission.

    Of course, I also agree with the points made above. He should be able to get his first choice school -- or at worst, transfer to it fairly easily.
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    When you receive the scholarship notification it talks about similar scenarios. It also strongly recommends that you accept it because you can always turn it down later. My sons was his first choice and not either of the 2 in-state schools. Good luck.

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