NROTC Units and In-House Scholarships for College Program Students


Mar 11, 2016
Since we're getting to the time of year when most NROTC applicants are hearing back regarding their selection status, I thought it would be helpful to identify units that have in-house scholarships/endowments to offer to non-scholarship College Program midshipmen. The tuition burden is definitely a major factor for many prospective College Programmers and their families when it comes to selecting a school and unit, so hopefully by sharing this info people will be more aware of some of the good deals out there as they make their plans for the fall.

The Tulane NROTC unit has two endowed scholarships available for College Program midshipmen. The Commanding Officer controls the money and awards it to non-scholarship students based on their performance in the program. Multiple scholarship awards are available each school year and they can range anywhere from about $10,000 to $40,000 per student; they are allowed to be combined with existing aid/merit scholarships. To be eligible, a student has to earn at least a 2.8 GPA as well as demonstrate satisfactory performance in the unit. Tulane's a private school, so these in-house scholarships can really help students bridge the financial gap until they pick up a national or sideload scholarship.

If you know of other endowments/internal scholarships at any of the NROTC units out there, please share with the group and help out those potential new College Program mids (as well as those for future years!).
University of South Carolina has a scholarship for out of state residents who are college programmers. Specifics would need to be confirmed by the school.