May 28, 2018

Are the NROTC and the NROTC-MO completely different programs that need to be applied to separately? Or, does a person apply for just an NROTC Scholarship and express his/her interest in both the Navy & Marine Corps?

If they are separate applications, does a person need to send his SAT/ACT scores to separate locations, or do they share the same Navy applicant database?

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
+1 to USMCGrunt. There are separate boards for the Navy Option and the Marine Option but the programs, once on campus, are conducted together.

Just so you know, Navy Option cares what your major is with 85% awarded to STEM majors. Marine Option doesn't care what your major is. There are, of course, fewer Marine Option scholarships since it's a smaller service. My son's class had 33% Marines when it came time to commission. Some Marine classes are much smaller.

Both options will care about your physical fitness, but Marines care more.
USMCGrunt & kinnem,

Thank you both, My DS will definitely opt for the Marine Corps option. He's been advised by several people, more knowledgable than myself, to apply for everything, every academy and ROTC scholarship. This will make things a little easier.