Officer Interview


Apr 30, 2017

Anyone have any tips for my officer interview I have this week? What should I wear and some things I should know for the interview? Thanks!
There are a zillion and one old threads on this very topic. DO a search. Try 'officer interview' as a search term.
Some pointers on style, not substance:

1. Maintain eye contact, especially when you are speaking
2. Speak in a clear voice without mumbling (#1 will help with this)
3. Turn off your cell phone beforehand, unless you have a really cool ring tone.
1. Make eye contact when shaking hands.
2. Do not sit until your interviewer sits or asks you to sit.
3. Have a resume ready in a folder in case you are asked for it.
4. Be prepared to talk about everything in your resume.
5. Be prepared to answer questions not in your resume (found in links on this site).
6. Have a question or two ready to ask your interviewer.
7. Thank your interviewer.
Agree with all of the
  • Dress appropriately but make sure you are also comfortable in what you are wearing.
  • Don't blurt - Pause after hearing the question and think before answering.
  • Be familiar about the service you are interviewing for. But don't be a know-it-all either
  • Practice and role play with a teacher or other professional before your interview.
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