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Sep 14, 2008
I just checked my online status of the USAFA application. Another form labeled Candidate Fitness Assessment #2 has came up. I'm assuming the admissions office wants me to take the CFA again. Anyone else get this? I am also assuming because my mile was so bad, actually I know its because of my mile, everything else was good. I am definitely going to take this opportunity to be better. The only problem is I don't really have time to run with marching band and roller hockey in full swing, I do not even have time for dinner >< until like 9 hehe. Any tips?

All help is greatly appreciated.

I am in the same boat as you lol. Trying to find time to run and exercise within my crazy schedule. My advice? Try getting up earlier in the morning and running before school. I did it in the summer before AIM at CGA and it worked great. I had work and I had to be ready by 7 so I would get up at 5:30, run, then get ready for work. Hope this helps!
Dang, lol thats what time i usually get up for work, but thats only in the summer. I guess I could do that, but idk how my mom would feel....hehe
lol, yeah I know what you mean. My mom's not to fond of me running by myself in the daytime let alone at 5:30 in the morning! But you got to do what works for you...even if it may suck sometimes! :smile:
I used to run every night on the boardwalk after work, shoobies made fun of me, hehe they r gone now though. I did that till I strained a muscle, then I ran whenever I had time, one reason why my mile sucked so now I'm gonna run a lot more for two straight weeks then take the CFA.
Good news the think you are competitive...don't rush it...get it to as close as you can to all of the maxs. Keep your eye on the ball and realize it is the Whole Candidate
I was 2 situps from max, 4 pullups so i def think i can get them, basketball throw can def improve with basketball, pushups hopefully 10 more, shuttle mayb a few tenths, mile hopefully a minute D:
If you took the CFA and submitted the scores, and the online app comes up saying CFA #2, just call your academy counselor. There's computer glitches. They aren't requesting that you take the CFA again. My son took his in June of 2007 with excellent scores in all categories. It TOO came back mentioning CFA #2. I called the counselor/advisor at the academy, and she had it corrected. We use to call her at least once every week or two. She knew my son by name by the time he received his appointment in November. It's just a computer glitch. However, if you really did bad in an area (You shouldn't have submitted the scores); then it's possible to request a retest. Call and get a clarification for your particular case. later... mike....
I don't have anything to say about your CFA. But I will go ahead and say that if you are having trouble with finding time to do necessary stuff, you might want to figure it out and quick. Time management is by far the most important skill to have at USAFA and the sooner you figure it out, the better. Your life can be completely miserable if you don't solve the time management problem or it could awesome if you have the game figured out. One of the key components of time management is sacrifice. You WILL have to give up something to accomplish something else, so get your priorities straight and enjoy the rest of high school. Good luck to you.