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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by CryNoMo, Dec 11, 2014.

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    Is being born with one kidney an absolute and total disqualifier with no waiver possible?
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    Ugh....I hate giving bad news but according to the UCF Army ROTC website, the absence of one kidney is a "common disqualifier." Of course this is AROTC, I don't know about the other branches.

    The following are some common medical disqualifications for the DoDMERB Medical Exam. THIS LIST IS NOT ALL INCLUSIVE. The only sure way to determine your medical fitness is to apply to the Academy and take a medical exam. We cannot make medical assessments over the phone or via email.

    Genitourinary System

    Horseshoe kidney or absence of one kidney. Atrophy or absence of both testicles. Undescended testicle. Active or difficult to treat genital herpes (even if asymptomatic). Bilateral kidney stones or single kidney stone with one year of the exam.

    Here is the source link:

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    Huh, that's interesting then that an Ectopic Kidney is not mentioned. I would double check with DoDMERB just to clarify, as it could also be waiverable.

    The reason I looked up this thread is because my 13 year old brother is considering the military but he has an ectopic kidney and I've been paroozing the internet for info on that.
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    You didn't mention which service(s) you're interested in. The following passage from Army Reg 40-501 - Standards of Medical Fitness - indicates that absence of a kidney does not meet the standard, i.e., is a disqualifier. It may or may not be waiverable - I don't recall seeing this condition discussed here previously. You may want to call the DODMERB help desk to at least get an idea whether or not it is a deal killer.

    2–15. Urinary system
    a. Current cystitis (595), or history of chronic or recurrent cystitis does not meet the standard.
    b. Current urethritis (597.80), or history of chronic or recurrent urethritis does not meet the standard.
    c. History of enuresis (788.30) or incontinence of urine after 13th birthday does not meet the standard (see also para
    d. Current hematuria (599.7), pyuria, or other findings indicative of urinary tract disease (599) does not meet the
    e. Current urethral stricture (598) or fistula (599.1) does not meet the standard.
    f. Kidney.
    (1) Current absence of one kidney, congenital (753.0) or acquired (V45.73) does not meet the standard.
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    JMPO, but I can't see this as waiverable for two reasons.

    1. Makes you a risk for deploying.
    ~ Let's say you go AF.. the corporate branch. Still they deploy to the sand box and Korea. Kwang Ju is not a base that has great medical facilities. Same with Incirlick. They will have to fly you out to a larger base....probably Ramstein.
    ~~ That means somebody now has to step in and replace you.

    2. IF you do twenty years and that kidney fails, the military is on the hook for your medical costs because they accepted the pre existing condition.

    You need to just apply and have plan B in place. Waivers are granted on a case by case scenario. The commissioning source will decide. NOT US!

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