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An Aunt I lived with when I was 5 & 14 used to tell me to Have consideration, and then some version of we don't know what someone else is going through. It confused the heck out of me as a child because she had such a strong sense of propriety and the person she was dealing with was not behaving to her standards...


If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.
> First rule of "Holes" in my house ... My daughters grew up hearing ..."What's the first rule of Holes.."

I just found this thread, and many of my sayings are already posted, but two others -

It takes a whole lot of "Attaboys" to make up for one "Aw Sh!t ".
And a USNA favorite - BOHICA
These last ones have reminded me of one of my father's favorites: A smooth ship sails a million miles.

He went to a merchant academy, in a different time and in a different place. Many of his former colleagues were USMMA grads, and he has asked DD about Kings Point several times (to no avail).

We were chatting about DD's application recently and he surprised me with the fact that his father - my grandfather - was in the navy (for a while and in a different country), so I'm pleased that this whole process has brought me a little closer to my family. :)
When you need to assign someone to plan a party, DO NOT assign a female officer/enlisted member to perform that task.

(They get that job all the time. Also, men are good at party-planning party too...I've heard well, the partying part anyway. Plus it's a good bullet for their OPR. A win-win!) ;)
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