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    Thought I'd share a rather long list of things to do on Long Island given to me from a dear friend back when I was once a Plebe parent. Keep in mind that this list won't be of much use to your kid until after Recognition as they've not much free time. Posting this up so folks who are going to Parent's Weekend not familiar with LI, might glean some ideas. Its a crazy long list & I personally found that we never seemed to find time enough to run around just for fun during the entire four years at KP. The boy came home more than we went up for visits. Anyhow...... Here we go virtual travelers:

    There are TONS of neat things to see right here on Long Island- and perfect for an overnight get-away~ especially now that the weather is getting nice!

    will list my top 5 to get you started!

    1. Montaulk Point: will take about 2 hours to get there, but well worth the ride! While there, take the 1/2 day whalewatching boatride- and yes, you'll see lots of them! Honest to God- we had one come up and rub it's belly on the keel of the boat! If you are in dire need of R&R while you are there, go to Gurney's Inn and Spa- a little pricy, but you will come out a new man! (or woman!)

    2. Riverhead: the aquarium is fantastic- and you can rent kayaks and go up and down the potanic waterways- just beautiful- and it empties into montaulk bay- and when you are done with that, there is Tanger Outlet- not just 1 of them, but 2 areas with every store you can possibly imagine! Shop till you drop- and the sales taxes have been dropped for the rest of this year for items under $110!!!

    3. When the weather gets nice: Fire Island is a MUST!!! Catch a ferry from the south shore (bayshore) and pick from several little towns on fire island- each with their own distinct flavor! No cars allowed- and it is only 4 blocks wide, with the great south bay on one side, and the entire atlantic on the other! Everyone walks around carting their stuff in little red wagons- which you can rent for $1 / day....very casual (shorts, flip flops)- lots and lots of seafood resturants- and you can stay for the day, rent a place for overnight, the weekend, the week or the month! There is no place like it in the world! (ps- watch out for deer- they love to come up to you and steal your picnic right from under you!!)

    4. Again, when you get some nice beach weather- a trip to the Hamptons is a must too- best beaches anywhere! Will need a day to get out there and back- better when spending overnight (can be pricey, but there are some inexpensive motels from the 1950's that are clean and reasonable)....if you only have a short time to spend, tell Jamz to head down to Jones Beach (30 minutes from KP)- field 4-5 are the main fields, but if you get there early enough, field 6 is the best!!!

    5. Sunken Meadow State Park- about a 45 minute drive from KP, there is a beautiful golf course open to the public- and you can't beat the views of the LI sound and connecticut from most of the holes! If you are tired of golfing, you can stretch out on the beach (but bring shoes- the beaches on the north shore are very rocky and light years away from the soft sand that stretches for over 100 miles on the south shore!!)

    6. Only a few hours to spend? 20 minutes from KP is Cold Spring Harbor- home of the world-famous CSH Lab and DNA center (located at each end of town- which is only 3 blocks long, so very walkable!) You can take a stroll through the acres of the Cold Spring Harbor Lab, take a hands-on tour of the DNA center (at the far end of town)- or just spend a quiet afternoon at the park or in the shops, or explore the whaling museum (and stop in by me for some chocolate!!) Don't forget the half-and-halfs at the CSH deli...best thing on LI!!! And there are lots of cute shops- make sure to visit "vineyard vines," "the beauty tree," "my favorite place" and "the faded rose".....oh, and don't overlook the shop with all the latest "Vera Bradley" stuff.....if Jamz has a date, the girls love the town for shopping! Picnic in the park along the harbor- it is the most beautiful harbor anywhere!!

    If you are not in the mood to shop but would rather take a short hike, you can follow the hiking trails along rte 108 and St. John's Pond, up Lawrence Hill Road to the nature conservancy, and then cross the street and continue on the cliff overlooking CSH....beautiful! Want to spend the night? There is a small B&B run by an english couple called the "Swan View Inn" right in town across from the harbor...a throw-back to the motels of old, but nicely kept!

    More hiking at Caumset State park- located in Lloyd Neck, just north of CSH....the views of the sound are spectacular- and you can picnic right on the cliffs overlooking the water!

    Or from CSH, travel another 5 minutes east on 25A and you hit Huntington- which is a great little town for shopping and walking and lattes and resturants....and on the weekends (which start Thursday night) there are people strolling about till 2am! Fantastic resturants- when you are ready, let me know and I would be happy to recommend a dozen of them!!

    7. for a total day of fun...."Splish Splash" is about an hour out on the LIE (rte 495) at then end- just as you get to riverhead- a huge waterpark that caters to every age group- and boasts the highest waterslide in the country! (kowabunga)....one of several! As for me, I get a tube and stay on the lazy river all day- just my speed!

    8. More golf- this time at Eisenhower Park (20 min from KP)- the black course hosted the PGA 2 years ago and will challenge the best of them!

    9. Malls: Roosevelt Field is the largest- about 20 min from KP and good, especially on a rainy day when you just want to get inside!

    10. Back to Manhattan- but this time, to South Street Seaport- or take the ferry from the wall street area to the Statue of Liberty (just amazing) or take a different ferry to Ellis Island- it will bring tears to your eyes! Ellis Island has undergone a huge restoration, and it is a piece of history well worth seeing! Catch the ferry's from the south ferry terminal, located at the south-east tip of Manhattan....and when you get back, go to Chinatown- Peking Duck House- and feast away for little $$$ !!!

    So my top 5 turned into my top 10, but when Jamz exhausts that list, let me know- there is the Hayden Planatarium in Manhattan, the Vanderbuilt museum in Centerport, LI, the NY Botanical Garden and the Bronx Zoo (both free on Wednesday's) in the bronx- and just a short drive over the throgs neck bridge.....and back to Manhattan to the Museums....Modern Art, Guggenhiem, Lincoln center, Rockafeller center, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Radio city music hall- and BROADWAY.....the shows!!! Phantom!!! The Producers!!!!

    Then back to Long island- from Orient point, take the ferry over to shelter island- perfect for an overnight get away- or better yet, the ferry to block island....stay the night- rent a bike and explore! You can also catch a ferry to Ct, and from there, another one to Martha's vineyard or quainter still, Nantucket (my favorites)....plan on a weekend visit for those- and reservations are a must..... or get a tent and "rough it" at Heather Hills- just before Montauld Point on the south shore- the campsites are right on the dunes overlooking the ocean! And there is another campground out there on the bay side- will have to research the name of that one for you- but beautiful quite beach, and good kayaking- or have him stop by our house- he can use the Thorpedo's kayak and explore Cold Spring Harbor and Oyster Bay! During the summer, you can rent a boat for 1/2 day and go wakeboarding- with instructors to boot! The kids out here love it! (can get you more info on any of the above if you need it- just let me know!).....

    you will run out of time and money before you ever run out of things to do I'm afraid!!!!

    oh- coldstones ice cream in Huntington- the Miracle Mile in Manhasset- the Ice shop in Oyster bay- the clam bar in centerport- the outdoor concerts in Hecksher park in Huntington, or the band concerts in Northport- (that is an adorable town too!)...Oheka castle in Cold Spring Hills.....the outdoor salt water pools at Jones Beach-Field 5.....the BOARDWALK- how could I forget the boardwalk!!! 6 miles of boardwalk at Jones Beach! and West End....the largest fields at Jones Beach (located at the western end)- it's a good 1/2 mile hike over the sand just to get to the water!!! Fishing boats out of Captree State Park- or out of Oyster Bay- or the Nautical Mile down in Freeport (30 minutes from KP on the south shore)- great resturants, (dare i say) bars, night life....be prepared for crowds during the summer weekends- even the USNA 44's pull in over the summer!

    I am not thinking of tons of other places- but there is lots of stuff on the internet that can steer you to other places.....enough to fill in any spare time he gets, promise!!!!

    oh- and I forgot Robert Moses State Park- the only part of fire island you can drive onto- about 45 min from KP- great beaches- and drive along Ocean Parkway- stop at gilgo beach for great surfing......and on the north shore, Port jefferson....brunch at D....(darn it, can't remember the name- but you can't miss it- ???danskers???....anyway, right on the water outside of the ferry terminal....brunch is fantastic!)....port jeff is a cute town too- catch the ferry to New London and visit Boss and the coasties at the USCGA!!! And their tall ship!!!!!

    Sag Harbor- greenport- bellport----great day trips!!!!
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    Parks: beaches, hiking, golf, camping, kayaking, etc...

    Caumsett State Park: Lloyd Neck (time from KP: 30 min)
    hiking, picnics

    Jones Beach: South shore, LI (time from KP: 30 min)
    beach, boardwalk, 9-hole golf

    Ceder Point Park: center of LI (time from KP: 90 minutes)
    camping, kayak, calm beach, hiking

    Robert Moses State Park: Fire Island (time from KP: 60 minutes)
    beach, surfing, picnic

    Hither Hills State Park: Montaulk Point (from from KP: 2 hrs)
    beach, camping on dunes, easy access to Montaulk town

    Captree State Park: Suffolk County, LI (south shore) (from KP: 50 minutes / take senic route via Ocean parkway)
    fishing excursions, boating

    Montauk Point: Suffolk county, LI (south shore tip) (time from KP: 2.5 hrs)
    historical town, resturants, shops, fishing, sailing, charter boats, whalewatching, gurney's inn and spa, beaches, lighthouse and museum...lots to see...make it at least a weekend visit...
    lighthouse: http://www.montauklighthouse.com/home.htm
    fishing charters: http://www.allmontaukflyfishing.com/
    general info: http://www.montaukchamber.com/
    gurney;s inn: http://www.gurneys-inn.com/
    whale watching: http://www.webscope.com/li/whale.html
    *****a fantastic expereince!!!*****

    Long Island Lighthouses: each one different! It will take you 4 years of day trips to find and explore them all! Lots of fun! take a picture at each!

    Bike tours: lots of them- here is one site- but you can literally bike around long island! Last from several hours to several days- lots of options!

    Sunken Meadow State Park: Suffolk County, LI (north shore) (fromKP: 60 minutes)
    beach, golf, picnic, hiking, horseback riding, wind surfing

    Gilgo Beach: South shore LI (time from KP: 60 min along Ocean Parkway)
    best surfing on LI, great beaches

    Splish Splash: Riverhead, LI (middle island) (Time from KP: 90 min)
    water park: huge!!!

    Towns/Destinations/Places of Interest

    Port Jefferson: suffolk county, LI (north shore) (time from KP: 60 min)
    resturants: Danfords (best sunday brunch on the harbor!), botique shopping, ferry service to CT (New London/USCGA)
    Danfords: http://www.danfords.com/

    Freeport Nautical Mile: Nassau County, LI (south shore) (time from KP: 30 min)
    Shops, resturants, charter boats, fishing, parks, night life, summer festival

    Cold Spring Harbor: Nassau/Suffolk county border, LI (north shore) (time from KP: 35 min)
    Historical whaling town, CSH Lab, DNA center, Whaling museum, beaches, wakeboarding rentals/instruction, sailing, botique shopping, nature trails, nature conservency, harbor park, Fish hatchery
    CSH lab: http://www.cshl.edu/
    Nature Conservancy: http://www.nature.org/
    DNA learning center: http://www.dnalc.org/home.html
    Whaling Museum: http://www.cshwhalingmuseum.org/
    Cold Spring Harbor Town: Main Street http://www.mainstreet-csh.org/
    ****home of the Thorpedo and CSH Seahawks!!! call and visit me!!!******Half and Half's at the CSH Deli!!! a "must do"!!!

    Oyster Bay: Nassau county, LI (north shore) (time from KP: 30 min)
    shopping, resturants, beach, park, kayaking, sailing, fishing charters, Annual oyster festival, best itatlian ices on LI

    Huntington: Suffolk County, LI (north shore) (time from KP: 40 min)
    town, resturants, harbor, night life, fishing, beach, Heckscher park: concers/plays, arts cinema, I-Max theater
    heckscher park:

    Northport Village: Suffolk County, LI (North shore) (time from KP: 50min)
    Shopping, harbor, resturants, summer concerts in Harborside park

    Vanderbuilt Museum: Centerport, LI (north shore) (time from KP: 40 min)
    mansion, museum, planaterium, park, trails, gardens, picnic

    Oheka Castle: Cold Spring Hills, LI (Suffolk County) (time from KP: 35 min)
    you won't believe this gold coast mansion- home to Otto Kahn- modeled after a French Normandy castle-
    spa, tours, gardens, overnight accomodations, various activities (check website)- worth the visit just to see it- and to think it was someone's home!

    Sag Harbor: Suffolk County, NY (north shore) (Time from KP: 90 min)
    historical whaling town, whaling museum, shops, resturants, parks, trails, winery tours- too numerous to mention!

    Greenport: Suffolk County, LI (North Shore) (Time from KP: 90 min)
    historical town, eateries, shops, boating, winery tours, vegatable stands

    Bellport: Suffolk County, LI (middle island) (time from KP: 90 min)
    Historical town, fishing, boating, shops, resturants, golf

    Shelter Island: Suffolk County, LI (middle island) (Time from KP: 90 min)
    8,000 acre island in Montaulk bay midway between north and south forks; camping, hiking, biking, horseback riding on the beach, beaches, water activities, boating, fishing...great excursion for day or overnight visit-
    ferries. history/ info:

    Block Island: Block island sound, LI (time from KP: 2.5 hours)
    20 miles off shore from Orient or Montaulk point. Stay overnight. Camping, boating, biking (main mode of transportation), hiking, fishing, town, resturants, shopping....very special place to relax and get away from it all! Reach only by ferry (listed on website)


    Miracle Mile: Manhasset, LI (on rte 25A) (time from KP: 10 minutes)
    top end botiques- Tiffany's to Crate and Barrel- and everything inbetween! Check it out!

    Tanger Outlet: Riverhead, LI (middle island) (time from KP: 90 min)
    shop till you drop- over 170 stores and outlets!

    Roosevelt Field Mall: Nassau county, LI (time from KP: 20 min)
    save for a rainy day!

    Getting There

    Long Island Ferries:
    From north shore: Pt Jefferson and Orient point
    from south shore: Bayshore, montaulk
    to: CT, Fire Island, Block Island, Bridgeport CT, New London, Newport (from there: ferries to Martha's vineyard, nantucket, etc...)

    Fire Island Ferries: (from south shore)
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    Part 2:

    The Hamptons: Suffolk county, south fork (time from KP: 2 hrs)
    beaches, shopping, mansions, the rich and the famous
    spend the weekend...

    LI winery tours: too many to list! here are a few!

    Riverhead aquarium: Riverhead, LI (time from KP: 90 min)
    feed the sharks- these are not the small ones either!

    In the Bronx:

    NY Botanical Garden: Bronx, NY (time from KP: 25 min)
    gardens, exhibits, museum, trails, running, hiking, picnics...an oasis in the Bronx!
    free on wednesdays

    Bronx Zoo: across the street from the NY Botanical Garden
    free on Wednesdays
    best time to visit: in about 2 weeks, when the new "spring babies" go on view for the first time!

    Via Manhattan:

    Ellis Island (ferry from South terminal, manhattan) time from KP: 90 min
    not to be missed! bring a camera!!
    find an immigrant ancestor: http://www.ellisisland.org/

    Liberty Island: (same as above)

    Circle line tours: leave from manhattan, and see the island like you never have before! (2 hours- to all day tours)

    Spirit Dinner Cruise: wonderful way to spend a special evening over dinner! and the views can't be beat! coctails on the deck!

    South Street Seaport: manhattan (time from KP: 40 min)
    museum, shops, resturants, cruises

    Off the beaten path: God's gifts to Man!

    Martha's Vineyard: Long Island Sound (ferry from Oreint point to Newport, RI, then ferry to the vineyard) (time from KP: 4 hrs)
    make a weekend out of this one! reservations a must!

    Nantucket Island: Long Island Sound (ferry from Orient point to Newport RI, then ferry to Nantucket) (Time from KP: 4.5 hrs)
    this is my favorite place on earth! Gods gift to mankind!
    escape everything!
    make it at least a weekend visit- you will never want to leave!
    that is a promise!

    In Manhattan:

    Haden Planatarium
    Lincoln Center
    Rockafeller center
    radio city *** go and see at least one show here!
    Broadway ***take advantage of 2-fer's
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    Some additional tips re: the beaches: (since that is clearly the #1 summer activity!)

    North Shore Beaches: almost every town has one- just remember to bring a pair of water shoes or old sneakers or flip-flops with you- your feet will welcome them as the beaches tend to be rocky....

    South Shore Beaches:
    stretch for over 100 miles! It will take you 3 summers to explore them all! They are beautiful- soft sand- no rocks- lots of waves! Just remember to respect Mother Nature while you are there:

    -DO swim within the "green flag" areas- and when the lifeguards are on duty
    -Yellow flags: swim with caution- might me rough waves, or a stonger undertoe- just stick closer to the lifeguard stands and you will be fine
    -Red flags: water is off limits: usually because of fierce waves or undertoe- so while you can get your ankles wet, don't go any further-

    -Riptides:are not common along the south shore, but they can happen. You will know you are in one if you are being pulled"out" regardless of your efforts to swim back in....so what to do...first, don't panic....these are easy to "get out of" as long as you remember not to panic....instead of swimming "towards" the shore, swim in either direction PARALLEL to the shore- for about 50-100 feet....riptides are generally not wider than that- and once you are free, you can swim to shore quite easily....

    ...and, as always, follow the golden rule: never swim alone.

    -since the south shore "sand" tapers towards the shore differently along the 100 miles, you will find wave characteristics different at many places...for example:

    Jones Beach:
    -west end: miles of sand- gentle taper into the water- good waves- often beach will develop "back water" that gets trapped on-shore which makes a great outdoor shallow swimming pool for younger brothers and sisters to play in...but be prepared for a long hike to the water...something to consider if you have a big cooler to drag along!

    -Field4 and 5: the "central mall"...lots to do....big hang out for those that"want to be seen" and those that "want to look!"

    Field 6: (my favorite)...parking is right on the beach-side part of the access road- beach is just the perfect width for dragging stuff down to the water....handicap ramp....and tends to be just a bit quieter than Field 4 especially (field 5 is a good alternative too)....the bad news about Field 6 is that the parking field is small in comparison...so if you are headed there on a weekend, better get there before10am or else the lot will be closed!

    -ZACH'S bay: besides summer concerts (which are great- might want to think about tickets to a concert if you can get them!)...this is "bay swimming"...very calm, absolutely no waves (except for an occassional boatwake)....ideal for toddlers (which I know you mids don't have)- but if you folks are traveling to visit you with some toddlers in tow, this might be the place to go....just be aware, there will be hundreds of other toddlers there along with you, so try not to lose yours!!

    speaking of lost....if you ever do get lost, go to the nearest lifeguard stand. Also, if they find a lost child, that's where they will bring them too. Believe me, the system works!

    Following Ocean Parkway East from Jones Beach:

    Gilgo: has a steep taper towards the shore, making the waves the best for surfing

    Captree: best for fishing and charters; also where you catch the bridge to cross over to Fire Island (Robert Moses State Park- the only part of fire island you can drive onto)

    Robert Moses State Park:
    -beaches have a steeper "slope" into the water the more to the "east" you go....ok on most days- but if the water is rough, just remember you can be in waist-high water in 10 or less steps! so be careful...

    Hamptons: spectacular, what can I say? finding direct acess to the beaches can be tough...especially along Dune Road. Stick to public parking. DO NOT PARK ILLEGALLY....you will have a great day at the beach, but no ride home! The challange will shift to which lot your car was towed to! (and parking fines are given liberally- and they are costly!)

    -the rest of FireIsland must be accessed by ferry- out of the town of Bayshore- well,well worth the travel time- and the ferry ride is wonderful too!

    -almost every town out to Montaulk has beaches that the public can access- just be mindful of parking

    -DO bring sunscreen- and use it! you will still get color-
    -almost every beach has a snack bar, but bringing something to drink is still a good idea! (no alcholol)

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    WOW Great List!!!! you said it all!:thumb:
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    Can this be a sticky? Great info!
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    Thank you so much Jazzmom. I hope you don't mind but I copied it and have sent it to all the parents for 2014 in our association.
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    Great info

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post these suggestions it will help us mid westerners.:thumb:
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    Minor Correction:

    Eisenhower Park does have golf and is a nice course. However if you want to play golf on "the black course that histed the PGA 2 years ago" you'll need to go a little further out on the Island to Bethpage State Park (about 30 minutes from USMMA) which is where there are several courses one of which is indeed "the Black Course" where the PGA Championship has been held.
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    The Black Course at Bethpage has never hosted the PGA Championship, however it has hosted the US Open Championship - twice - 2002 and 2009.
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    Thanks for the kudos guys but I only copy & pasted the information here. It came from a wonderfully lovely lady who happens to live near Great Neck & who's son graduated USNA.

    FYI for campers: Bethpage is also the nearest campsite for those with both tents & rv's to the Academy. If you plan on doing the rv thing, you must call to reserve.

    Thanks for catching the misinformation on the golf everyone. Good eye!
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    Made sticky, thanks for the info jamzmom.

    If folks want to share the info, I would greatly appreciate if rather than copying and pasting the info, our members would consider sending a link so we can get the word out about our great community here.

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    One addition- this is the best Deli in the world WITHOUT A DOUBT. Make your way down to East Houston Street to Katz's (BTW for those from the hinterlands that is pronounced HOWSTUN Street in NYC:rolleyes:)
    After doing that head over to the Strand Book Store on 12th & Broadway which is undoubtedly the best book store in the US ("18 miles of books")
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    Katz deli.....NOM NOM NOM..... if I could figure out how to get one of those in my town, I'd sell my own mother to get it done. She ate there. She would understand.
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    My daughter and I are going to visit soon. Where do you recommend we stay? We will arrive a few days early to enjoy the trip? Also, do we need to rent a car or will public transportation accommodate from airport, hotel, fun things to do, and to the academy?
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    jump4joy - If you're going to fly into LGA and spend a few days, I think I'd rent a car. It's possible to do this with public transportation, but it's not necessarily easy (you probably would need to get a taxi from LGA to Great Neck or wherever else you are staying). If you have a car, you have a few more options as to where to stay - the USMMA Parents' Page has information on local hotels and their distance from the school.

    We've stayed at The Inn at Great Neck. It's pricier than a lot of other nearby hotels, but it's a nice facility and it's convenient - right by the Great Neck train station, a close walk to shops and restaurants. If you wanted to take a day and go into NYC, it's an easy train ride right into Midtown Manhattan. There's also a bus that runs from the train station to KP (although if you have a car it's easier to drive to the school).
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    Thanks for your help.
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    Visit to KP

    Thanks for the great advise. DD visited the Academy recently. The day of her visit was overcast, cold and ice/raining out. She was pleasantly surprised by how nice everyone is at the school. We posted a slideshow/movie on youtube of her trip to the Academy and NYC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCNfR37TOf8 . It is a collection of photographs of the school and NY City the weekend prior to her visit.

    We strongly encourage others to visit the school. It is certainly impressive to see the discipline, respect, and professional demeanor of the students and staff. As DD is a freshman in college this year (due to lack of bubble wrap), her perspective of the school was of the striking differences to the very "Greek" university she attends now.
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    Thanks for posting the pictures! When my DS went for overnight he took one, yes one, picture! It was a good picture of the waterfront, of course. I have seen water before. I was hoping for little campus info ,lol. He went solo so what did I expect? Tomorrow I will show them to DS and he can narrate the slide show, : but I will be there for parents weekend 2015! Hope to see you there! He also wants to fly to indoc solo,,,,,yeah yuck,,,but better for us I think. We live in Indiana.
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    My DD already asked if Dad & I would be joining her at indoc. I assured her that we would not only be there to drop her off but also for Parent's weekend. I can only imagine how hard it will be for you to send him off alone. He must be very independent and capable. Traveling from Indiana to Kings Point is asking a lot of a senior. Of course by the time he graduates from the Academy he will be not only an accomplished international traveler, but a professional one at that.