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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by akammes1997, Jul 11, 2014.

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    I'm looking for some advice/direction on where to go from here. I'm a rising junior and I'm looking at going to one of the academies. I have a competitive package- 4.0 student, all the extra curriculars, sports, the whole nine yards. But, there is something I am worried about, this is my story.

    On June 2nd, 2013 (last day of my freshman year), I received a pretty bad concussion from my horse (I used to rodeo). I was knocked out, but no one really knows how long I was out because I was by myself. I'm guessing it was a few minutes at most. I went to the doctor, had a CT scan done- no bruising or bleeding, so they treated it like a normal concussion, gave me 2 weeks resting period and then I was released. Well, things didn't go as planned, as my symptoms didn't go away. I was treated by a sports medicine specialist at UW Madison for the remainder of the summer and beginning of fall for my lasting symptoms. My headaches and dizziness were officially gone on September 1st 2013, and I returned to school full time on October 1st, 2013 (For the first month of school, I was going part time-morning classes monday wednesday friday, afternoon classes tuesday thursday, doctors were surprised I kept up my 4.0 with my hard schedule). I was released to normal activity on October 1st, except for sports- They had me take a full years break from any kind of sports to ensure that I didn't get a second concussion, which could cause more damage or possibly kill me. This is my first *official* concussion, and the only one on my record (And I sold my horse and got out of rodeo, so I probably won't sustain another one in my high school career)

    So, I am officially all free and clear, it's been over a year and I feel great- no memory loss, no headaches, no dizziness, and I haven't found anything I can't do. I'm enjoying my full time job this summer and looking forward to doing sports this coming school year.

    I know that I am looking at a DQ for this. Any advice? I know that someone has told me to look at a DOD consultant. I tried to give as much information as I could, but if you have more questions, feel free to ask. Thanks in advanced!
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    Bareback or saddle...rode myself as a youth. I was also dumped on my head, I was blown off at the gate by a big mare...rank! Kept me from riding in the garden. Loved riding, miss it!

    In regard to your head injury you will just have to go through the process. Aside from asthma at age 8 my son also wacked his mellon (6th grade) and got a mild concussion.

    In advance we collected "ALL" the related Dr. records & hospital information on the injury...leave "NOTHING" out. DoDMERB gave my DS a remedial and only requested for all medical records from a specific time period. Because we planned ahead the records were in the mail the next day. In the end he was qualified.

    Keep in mind that "EVERY" situation is different. The only thing you can do is go through the process and see how turns up.

    Good luck!
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    You're a rising Junior, and it sounds like you've been symptom free for quite some time, that's good news.

    You have time. However, if it'll make you feel better anticipate this may be an issue, and get a jump on your medical. You may want to make an appointment with a neuropsychologist and have the necessary testing done to clear you, AND a copy of their report in hand for DoDMERB.

    All the best.
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    As you well know, there's a much greater focus on concussions today than in the past. The fact you had symptoms for a while will certainly attract DODMERB's attention; the fact you've been symptom free and undertaking normal activities for a while will help.

    The year you apply, I suggest you get your packet in super early. The SAs don't send out invitations for medical exams until your packet is at least 50% complete (at least that's USNA's position). Because you will probably at least get a remedial (request for records) and possible will need additional testing, the earlier you start the process the better.

    Before you pay for a consultant, you might call the (free) DODMERB help line. Not sure they can help someone not yet in the system, but it's worth a try.
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    +1 usna1985.

    JMPO, and as I stated this before, along with others on the AFA forum, the problem you might be facing is the restrictions you had for a year.
    ~ No sports is huge when it comes to a medical perspective. No contact sports is one thing, but no sports at all is another. I.E. can't even do track, tennis, swimming, or golf.
    ~ Missed school for an extended period. One month is not common for a concussion.
    ~ Concern for a 2nd concussion.

    Add that to the I blacked out, and nobody knows how long, is IMPO red flag city. Even with specialists, the fact is the waiver process is unique.
    ~ You state you have a 4.0, but what is your SAT/ACT score, your class rank, school profile, your CFA, etc.

    USNA is correct get your packet done early so the DoDMERB exam will occur early if deemed by the SA as competitive enough to warrant it.

    Waivers are not just about you. It is about them accepting you can do your job in the military without impacting the mission. It is about deployment and TDY, also accepting you have a pre-existing TBI. Yes, concussions are TBIs.

    I really wish you the best, but for you right now, move forward, get your paperwork in order, and be prepared to fight.

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