PMS Interview Stuck


Dec 27, 2016
Hello, I did my interview a while ago at the university I'm going to, and it was with an Army Major instead of the PMS. I later emailed the PMS and he said he has received the evaluations from Major, but nothing has been entered into the system. I emailed him again yesterday to remind him that the deadline is coming up politely, asking if there might be a system error and such. Should I wait it out or should I call him ? I don't want to make a bad impression on pushing him to finish my stuff
yeah I would call. I thought my recruitment office had taken care of all of my papers for NROTC but after a month of seeing no updates on the portal it turned out they forgot to submit the interview notes.
You have two choices, call and make sure things get in, or let things slide and perhaps not get submitted. Strictly your choice. Upsetting the PMS will depend solely on how you approach it. If you're confrontational about it I'm sure you'll piss him off. If you pleasantly treat it like a follow up to see if there is a glitch in the system, I'm confident you would earn his respect for following through. Leaders follow up on things.
I know for my application, I had not uploaded the PFA, and therefore the status in my portal said "interviewee" until I uploaded the PFA. I'm not sure if you have uploaded yours yet, but as AROTC-dad and others have mentioned, it wouldn't hurt to give the ROO a call.
The ROO at the colleges you listed on your scholarship application can see your status. They can tell what has been completed on your application and what is missing. If your interview has not been uploaded , the ROO at the school you conducted the interview can get the done as well.