Police Records Check - New York State


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Jun 8, 2008
My son recently received an appointment to the USNA. I’m trying to help him with some of the preliminary paper work. I was hoping someone that has gone through this already may have an answer.

For the police records check for a New York State resident – What authorities should be queried? At a state level, the department of criminal justice services has a formal process in which you must submit an application, fingerprints, and a $50.00 fee. Is this what USNA wants, or is this overkill?

It seems that we have 3 levels of police authority – County Police, County Sherriff, and New York State Police. The most local, direct, and visible is the county police. The sheriff’s department has limited law enforcement coverage elsewhere within the county, however not exactly where we live.

Does anyone from New York that has gone through this already know exactly what is needed, and who to ask?
I live in California and I brought mine to my local police station- what a hassle! The first lady I spoke with had no clue what the Naval Academy was so I requested to speak to her superviser because I told her it was VERY important! and she was able to help me out. However, she told me that they do not fill out forms like that, but they would send in a letter attached with their policy and then what they usually fill out.
Probably not the answer you are looking for- but good luck!
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Uh........ Please educate the old-fart graduate over here....

I'm not following this. Is part of the modern application process that the applicant has to obtain their police record for review by the CGA? Since when?

In my day, you only had to mess with the police records if you HAD one. I'm trying to remember if I even had to go to be fingerprinted. :confused:
The USNA requires that you submit a police record request to “all jurisdictions under which you may fall”. In many areas of New York, there are many overlapping law enforcement jurisdictions (yea, that’s why NY is broke). Where I live, three overlap; NYS Police, County PD, and County sheriff. The predominant agency (and the highest overpaid), is the County PD.

The USNA requires that you submit the request along with a SASE for them to mail it back directly to the USNA, not he appointee.

I do not know what the other service academies require.
Do we have to do this even if we have had no problems with the law?
Your local Blue and Gold Officer must have already dealt with this. I'd task him with the range of Police involvement as he must have seen it before. Please post as to the final ruling (how many agencies were finally involved and total cost- in time and dollars).
Best Of Luck!
I've already recieved an appointment to USNA, and I didn't fill out anthing in regards to a criminal record. As far as I know, you only need to fill it out if you actually have a criminal history.
When I received my appointment it told me that everyone has to fill it out and I definitely have no prior police issues, traffic things, etc. - I quote:
"candidates receiving an offer of appointment are required to obtain a routine police record check from their local police department. This background check is a precursor to the National Agency Check that will be initiated on Induction Day at the Naval Academy... utilized to determine credibility and suitability for service and to grant a security clearance for access to classified materials." On the other side it states: "disclosure is voluntary however failure to provide information may preclude appointment"
I ended up paying $63 to my city to have mine done.
In many areas of New York, there are many overlapping law enforcement jurisdictions (yea, that’s why NY is broke).

Tell me about it. I grew up in Queens and now I live in Orange County (yes, THE Orange County). :thumbdown: