Portal Down Again?


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Good Evening...Is it just at my house but #3 says the portal is down. Anyone?
#3's PE Teacher from Fresh and Soph year retired...the appointed agent from his school received the request in November and still the portal does not show a submission and #3 talked to him again and wanted to check if it had been submitted.
Whereas he continues to not be worried about this situation and does not want to push the teacher/coach--who was never his teacher or coach, open to your suggestions.
It is down for me as well. I'm not an expert in this area, but I would suggest that you, the parent, speak to the teacher/coach and explain the importance of his/her recommendation and the quickly approaching deadline of February 28th. I had almost the same issue last semester- all teachers had it done except for one in less than a week; a month went by and I got a parent to explain how important the recommendation was. Done the next day.


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Suggest your ds makes the decision whether or not to follow up and then the ds has the conversation if he feels the follow up is necessary...it is his to own. Best of luck!


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DD discovered that the school's website actually had an incorrect email address listed for her principal. If he hasn't confirmed the email address was entered correctly that could be a good lead in to ask the teacher if he received the request. We also found the counseling secretary out our high school to be very helpful about rounding up all necessary documents that needed to be submitted.


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Padre, it is the same at our house. #3 keeps checking and then I checked on my computer...which I do not like to do--I do not want to be part of the process--but just to check if our different computer types (Mac v. PC)--and it spins and then times out.


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It is back up this morning...and #3 says that the little icon for PE Teacher Recommendation is now green (at last). I still dont know how a teacher you never had can write a recommendation for you...but I am just going with it.
Hey everyone I didn't want to start a new thread on the portal being down, so I'm just adding to this one. I can't access the WP candidate portal. Is anyone else experiencing the same? If so, could it be because of updating portals with appointments, denials, etc., or is it just random? I'm sorry if stuff like this has been asked a million times but I haven't found anything recent.


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Could be down for updates...my fb memories today showed this was the day 2 years ago that my son got the call from our congressman about his appointment. Good luck to all waiting for news!