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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by usafmk95, Apr 7, 2013.

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    Recently recieved notice that I was not selected for the Air Force Academy this year, but am currently in the consideration pool for the Prep School and Falcon Foundation Scholarship. Does anyone know the criteria for these programs or, basically, what my chances are?

    Also, if I am not selected this year for these programs does anyone have any advice for reapplying next year? (e.g. ROTC, community college vs state, courses to take in college)

    Info about me is listed below for Prep School/Falcon Foundation Scholarship chances.

    Thank you!

    Overall GPA: 3.25
    Senior Year GPA: 3.8
    Class Rank (When submitted to USAFA): 53/457
    Class Rank (Current): 39/444

    SAT Scores:
    650 writing
    600 reading
    540 math

    Certified Emergency Medical Technician/Volunteer
    New York Propane Gas Association Emergency Respondents Program
    800+ hours of volunteer service
    Student Mentoring/Tutoring Programs
    Staff Member (Squad Leader) & Cadet for Youth Police Academies
    Fire Department Volunteer
    Civil Air Patrol Cadet (c/MSgt)
    -United States Air Force Security Forces Familiarization Course
    -Regional Cadet Leadership School
    -Public Affairs NCOIC
    -Color Guard Detail
    -Flight Sergeant
    -Wing Cadet Leadership School Honor Graduate
    -Basic Encampment
    In several school clubs (president of one)
    National Honor Society Vice President
    Homeroom Representative in student government
    Rotary Youth Leadership Award
    Decent work experience
    No athletics in high school
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    Your extra curriculars look great! Your SAT scores definitely could use some work though. You really need to have above 600 in all three areas just to be academically qualified.

    I was a falcon foundation scholarship recipient this year and went to NWP in California. My SAT scores were already pretty good going into it but my final SAT scores were far higher than I thought possible. At NWP you also take the ACT, which is good because some students preform better on that test than they do on the SAT.

    Basically everything about "chances" relative to SA admissions is a mystery. So many people with different resumes apply to USAFA so it's next to impossible to say what your chances are of getting a falcon foundation scholarship or a prep school slot.

    My personal advice is to look into schools like NWP. If you get a falcon foundation scholarship that's great, but over half of our class was there without a scholarship.

    All of these "free agents" worked extremely hard and quite a few of them did get in as re-applicants. Some might not have gotten into their first choice SA but will be going to a different SA this summer. Unfortunately, some did not receive any appointments as re-applicants. I don't mean to speak on their behalf but I think the general consensus is that they had good experiences at NWP and feel confident that they will excel wherever they end up.

    I'm sure there will be people who suggest going to college and doing ROTC or something... My two cents on the topic: That might be good if you are uncertain on whether or not you want to go to USAFA vs. do ROTC somewhere. If you do know that USAFA is 100% what you want, I would suggest looking into NWP. At a regular college, you might be the only one trying to apply to a SA. At NWP, everyone there is looking to get an appointment to a SA. As such, everything you do is exclusively to prepare you for the academies.
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    I wouldn't disagree with bmw, but if you don't get prep school and get no falcon foundation scholarship and a regular college is your only alternative then I would definitely suggest doing ROTC. Guess that's obvious though. Shows your interest and you can perhaps also get a ROTC nomination in addition to a MOC's and whatever else you're eligible for.
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    Just to put it into perspective, I had similar SAT scores to yours last year and I received a FF scholarship. Each of my SAT scores increased very significantly at NWP. As has been mentioned, your ECs are great.

    What kind of classes got you that GPA? i.e. If you got that overall GPA with 12 AP classes throughout the last 4 years than it's not as bad as getting that GPA with 2 AP classes and 18 basket weaving classes.

    Did you get the noms you applied for? I don't know if it made a difference in my case, but I got all the nominations that I applied for last year. I was on three different slates going into the admissions board, so someone could have recognized my name.

    I think you should look into a prep school even if you don't get a FF scholarship. Don't think that prep school is your golden ticket into the academy - you're going to have to work your butt off and improve your scores a lot, but that's exactly what these schools are designed to do. Free agents at prep schools still have a good chance in admissions.

    Message me if you would like some more perspective on the foundation's program or NWP.
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    If offered the Falcon scholarship, take it!!! And get those SATs/ACTs up!

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