Presidental Nomination


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Dec 22, 2008
If my parent is an Air Force Officer will I get an automatic nomination from the president?
It isn't an automatic nomination. You still need to send in the paperwork and there are certain requirements that your parent has to meet.
Yes to both what mom and ice said. There are certain requirements for your family. I.e I believe; I can't remember; but if they are active duty, they need to be in at least 8 years. Or they have had to retire. As for being automatic; think of it similar to the MOC nominations. The MOC can nominate a slat of up to 10 people. But that doesn't mean that because you have a nomination that you are automatically going to get an appointment. (Minus the PRINCIPLE NOMINATION). It just means you have a nomination. Well, with a presidential, if qualified, you get a nomination. But as mom said, the academy will only give 100 of those nominations an appointment USING that nomination. So, it is definitely smart to also apply to your senators and representative. My son received a presidential nomination; but he still had appointments with the senators and representative. It wasn't until he actually received his appointment that he called the MOC and canceled his interviews with them. They have their interviews in November/December; but he already received his appointment. So, no matter what, still apply for a nomination with your MOC. You could get a presidential nomination, but that is no guarantee that you will be one of the 100 selected nationally. You may need to be one selected from your state instead. best of luck....mike....
I think the link I posted gives the requirements for obtaining a presidential nomination ... I am not as familiar with the exact requirements since I don't deal with them directly, but this link gives what appears to be the requirements. It seems that if you qualify they give as many presidential noms as apply (again, only 100 appointments can be made from these, no matter how many are given). If I understand correctly, theoretically there could be thousands of pres noms given but still no more than 100 appointments ...
Very true ^^^

On avg I think they say there is about 450 noms per yr, but law dictates only 100 can be charged to the President.