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Discussion in 'Nominations' started by IMNJS, Oct 15, 2011.

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    Oct 15, 2011
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    I've found it difficult to find information on how Presidential nominations work. If I am eligible for a Presidential nomination, does that mean I will definitely receive one and then must compete among the Presidential nominees for an appointment? And if one was to receive a Presidential nomination in addition to an LOA, that would amount to an appointment, right?
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    Anyone eligible can get a Presidential based upon their parent's service, however, for the USAFA at least, only 100 appointments can be charged to that nominating source. Unlimited in number but with only 100 of those getting an appointment based on it. That's why you absolutely should apply to every nomination source you are eligible for, it's by no means any type of guarantee.

    If you have an LOA - then that changes things - you'll probably receive an appointment if I understand what I've learned from the moderators and regulars here. But I'd defer to them on the question.

    My son has one, but we've applied to every source we could, it just makes sense in this environment and with the knowledge that so few appointments are made from possibly many hundreds of noms...

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    IMNJS--If you already have an LOA, and it is only continginent upon you getting a Nom, and you are eligible, thru your parent's service for a Presidential nom, then yes, once you apply for and rcv the nom, your appointment will most likely soon follow. :) Now, if you already have your Pres Nom, and no LOA, then you most likely will not recv an LOA (if all other requirements are met) If you are in top 100 of Pres noms, you will rcv appointment instead of LOA.

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