prior enlisted to AFA?

Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by SamAca10, Jul 23, 2009.

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    I was wondering how hard it is to go from enlisted to the academy. Would you recommend it if I don't get in on the first try? How much time would I have to spend as an enlisted man before going to the academy?
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    Personally, I think it's harder to go from enlisted to the academy. 1st: Enlisted is NOT a cakewalk. It's a full time job. A job that can be 10-12 hours a day depending on your type of job. Trying to stay up on taking some off duty college classes to stay up on your math and science skills is almost impossible. (Not impossible; many enlisted get their BS and MA/MBA degrees). Just very difficult. Then there's the fact that it's a lot less slots.

    Personally, if it was me or my son/daughter; I would recommend that you stay in the "Academic Mode" of thinking. If the academy doesn't accept you the first year; enroll in a good school at home. E.g. State, or University of .... If you can't afford it, than go into a community college to keep your skills up while you're re-applying the next year. At the same time as applying for the academy, you SHOULD BE APPLYING FOR AFROTC. If you get AFROTC and not the academy, you get your college, and you can still reapply to the academy the next year. (Personally, if I had finished 2 years of college, I probably wouldn't apply again to the academy; even though there are those that apply to the academy and they've come close to finishing their B.S. from a civilian school).

    Anyway; enlist to academy is definitely possible. I personally think it's the hardest of all methods. Between your Basic Training, then months of technical school, NO SOCIAL RULES AT ALL!!!! I.e. You aren't a student. You're in the military. You are free to come and go all you want as long as you're at work. There's no curfews or anything else. Many 18-22 year old airmen like the freedom. Anyway; just my opinion. I wouldn't do it.
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    Bluesuiter was prior service, you might want to pm him.
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    Prior Enlisted to AFA

    One of my son's roommates is prior enlisted (class of 2013), who spent a year at AF Prep (and enters USAFA just turning age 22). Believe there are only about 40 slots per year but then again, depends on number on enlisteds seeking slots too. Odds may be better than total #s vying for 900-1,000 slots out of high school (other remaining slots are allocated primarilyto AF Prep and a couple dozen to foreigners).

    Also know of a former enlisted Marine (one year) from neighboring town that applied and got into USNA (via another year at NAPS). So don't give up hope.:thumb:

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