Professionalism at Sea


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Nov 28, 2007
I hope all of you young men and ladies considering serving in your country in the US Navy are paying attention today to the news coming out of the Straights of Hormuz (sp -5?).
Seems our "friends" the Iranians decided to see if they could challenge some of America's finest as they were under way. Stupid on their part, a great example on the Navy's part as they handled the situation with pure professionalism, refusing to stoop to a level where this event could have easily been accelerated to a point of an international incident.

My hats off to the fine men and women of the US Navy! :thumb:
It seems to me that this situation is being blown out of proportion by the media. When I read the first report I could get my hands on a few hours ago, the article made it seem like the Iranians were trying to get in a pissing contest with the best Navy in the world, but then I turn on the news after dinner and they're saying what a huge deal it is and what we're going to/should do about it. I agree with the above poster though.
Good job Navy. I would already classify this as an international incident. Iran is trying to provoke the United States Navy. I wouldn't recommend doing that often.
Sounds like when the Soviets would play games during the Cold War no?
There are some impressive videos of Russian and US ships experiencing a little bit of those interactive forces...a couple of collisions on the way, glancing, but collisions none the less.
I hope that theychange the ROE on this stuff

remember the Cole. you get within 500 yards and it they should be Splashed.