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Oct 10, 2007
Hello all,

We will land at DIA at around 9:30 a.m. Friday morning (REALLY early flight out of PA). We're carrying our bags so no baggage pick up. Assuming the car rental goes smoothly, here are a couple questions:

It is reasonable to assume we'll be at the Academy by 11:30?

What is a good site to arrange to meet our boys?

Whom should we notify (and how to do so) should we be delayed, miss the connecting flight, etc.?

What else should I be asking?
Our son got his cell phone back last year for Parents Weekend, so that should make communicating with them easier. Our son had his back Thursday night. If for some reason your boys don't get theirs, you should write down the phone number of the CQ desk for their squadrons. It is always manned, and their CQ person can get info to them.
As far as getting to the Academy by 11:30, it is doable, but not guaranteed. All of the car rental places at DIA are off site and you have to take a shuttle out to them, which adds 15-30 minutes. It is a one hour drive from DIA to the Academy on a good day, but you will have to deal with everyone leaving the Democratic national convention that day.
If you do arrive at 11:30, first of all you will have to park way, way out. By that time of the day every parking space will be full. Check on the Parents Weekend page on the USAFA website for shuttle info.' Weekend

Also, at that time the cadet parade will just be finishing, so you should probably meet the boys at the parade grounds. If you are late, they will be at mandatory lunch from 11:30 - 12:30, then their classes in the afternoon.
Probably the best source of info about how to meet up with them will come from your sons themselves. And don't forget the mandatory squadron open houses in the afternoon, too.

Let me know if there's anything else you think of. I'll try to answer.

We met potter at the missile last year. Cannot really do that this year since it has been torn down, but the steps to the feild house usually doesn't fail. I'll be flying in on Thursday, but have to return to DIA Friday to send my sister to Las Vegas. The Convention has things all messed up. They are proposing major highway closures. All that said stealth81 is right you should be able to make Academy in time. Worst comes to worst you might drop Hornet a line and ask him to tell Fencer 1 where to meet.
True, if you want me to pass on a message if they don't have their phones, I can.
Hornet, we were going to meet Twin1 and Twin2 at Mitchell Hall but just got an email that that locale is off limits until they come to get us and escort us.

Those two are goofier now than they were when they were at home. :confused:

I am hoping we can get out of DIA and through any residual convention mess in time for lunch Friday. I'll be the mother who is bawling 'cause she's so glad to see her wee babes (maybe not any more!), then several days later, I'll be bawling 'cause we're separated again. It's hardest for moms!
Well, how'd the parent's weekend go?! Looking forward to full reports from everyone (just as soon as ya'll have caught your breath & unpacked all your new AFA t-shirts)!
Parents Weekend

Parents weekend was really short for me. I didn't get to fly out to COS until Sunday evening. The one whole day that I got to spend with my son was very nice. (My wife was out there since Thursday, so our cadet did have family there for classes on Friday and for the game Saturday). I got to go back to his room Monday evening to see his new squadron. The nicest thing to see was that his service dress has gotten a little bit of decoration on it, the star and wreath for Dean's and Commandant's list, the soaring wings, and a chevron on his shoulderboards.
I hope everyone else had a great weekend....only three and a half months until they come home for Christmas! :shake:

And, I think it is only 80 days till Thanksgiving! :smile:

We had a great time at PW! But, oh! we all just fried at the game and are peeling away here in not-so-sunny Steeler Country. I just can't get over how HUGE Vandy and Sijan Halls are. I think they are as long as the Empire St Bldg is tall. Both twins doing well, all roommates getting along fine. Broken nose healing nicely. We toured Miramont Castle which was pretty neat, and then saw about 40 other cadets and families at the Olympic training center. Best part of the trip was havig dinner and a great evening with twins' sponsor family. They are really terrific people and we were so glad to have met them.

I wish we'd had more time though. And the parting was pretty sad.

We flew out of DIA and it is not the world's easiest airport to negotiate (Pittsburgh's is, though!). Wish we could have flown out of CoSpr.
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