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    I recently was given the correspondence stating my application was qualified for admission and that I have been placed on the NWL. I currently have a presidential nomination. The congressional and Senatorial interviews and nominations are not until mid-January for my district. I have been in contact with my counselor and am keeping my portal up to date. This may be an obvious answer but, I was just wondering if someone could further explain what the Qualified and NWL correspondence meant?
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    Just about everyone will get the 'NWL' notice until the big waves of appointments start in Feb - April timeframe.
    Its pretty standard based on years past. DS got the same and received his appointment mid Feb; a bit early.
    Remember that nomination deadline is late Jan and application deadline is late Feb. Thus the reason for bulk of appointments in March timeframe.
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    It means that you are in the much desired category of 3Q +NOM. You have met all the requirements to be appointed. Now comes the hard part - waiting. You may hear very quickly or you may be waiting until April. There is little rhyme or reason that can be discerned outside the black box of admissions with respect to timing of appointments.

    Get as many of the other nominations as you can. It will increase your chances of winning a slate. Check your portal every day to make sure no green checks mysteriously turn red.

    Assuming you remain fully qualified, there are four possible outcomes:
    1. Appointment as winner of competitive slate/category
    2. Appointment as Qualified Alternate - one of the 150 appointed from NWL in order of merit (WCS score)
    3. Appointment as Additional Appointee - one of 200- 400 remaining appointments from the NWL that may be filled out of order of merit
    4. 3Q Non-select - those fully qualified candidates for whom there were no available appointments
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    It means you still have room to improve whatever scores you could and continues to update any information that would enhance your chance. Don't stop here. Good luck.
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    OK...so, hang in there. This is the marathon part of the application cycle. Look at the numbers on the class profiles from previous years...look at them! If you are 3Q with a nom you can see that you are in the pool of people who are about 50-50 likely to get an appointment. However, do not get soft. Nothing is in the bag and you may not hear until late April, which is a very long time for now. You must keep up your grades and submit a strong 7th semester transcript. You must do well on your interviews for your other nominations--but not necessarily be in a panic--you have a nom--but don't tell them that unless they ask. Where is your Army ROTC application? If it is not finished, finish it! (You want to be an Army officer, don't you?) Your other SMC or civilian university applications? You have a lot of work to do in addition to applying to USMA--to get ready for whatever will happen. Also, you must enjoy this holiday season with your family--they will miss you horribly next year when you are away at school. So, stay busy and keep working out. There is a lot to do while waiting to hear. You must keep faith as the weeks turn into months. Keep Faith. Army Strong.
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    This is the class profile for USMA 2021. Referred to by DrMom above. We used it as a reference to compare DD's application with the profile for 2022. Very useful as a point of reference. How many of these categories can you highlight? Sounds like many of them. (Good for You.)
    Now, the wait.... It's a bear.
    It's all part of the process.
    Best of luck to you!
    Go Army! Beat Navy!
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