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    Hello. I am currently a senior applying to the USAFA, and am wondering my chances. I have a 3.55weighted GPA, and a 3.14 unweighted GPA. I have done well in some challenging AP Classes, but a bad semester really tanked my GPA. I have a 28 on my ACT, and a 640 Reading and Writing/620 Math PSAT, which are both in the 90th percentile. I am also in really good shape for the CFA. I am also involved in many activites, in and outside of school and have good letters of recomendations. What are the chances I get accepted to the USAFA or the Prep School?
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    You asked the question every student wants answered, but you will not know the answer until you apply. And no one can answer this question for you.
    You can compare yourself to past classes, but that only lets you know if you are in competitive range, not if you will be appointed.
    There's still time to study and retake the ACT, and take the actual SAT. PSAT scores don't count. If you are serious about wanting to attend USAFA, I think most people would recommend you try to improve your test scores. It's very possible to significantly improve your scores with some effort, while your GPA is fairly set at this point.
    So much about the process depends on your nominating sources and who else is applying. If you are able to secure a nomination, you have a chance, so get to work. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
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