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Jan 9, 2019
Hello all,

I was wondering if the "Children of Deceased/Disabled Vets, POW, MIA" nomination is a separate entity than the presidential nomination. In other words, if I apply to both, am I only considered for one?

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Jul 13, 2011
I believe it is a separate nom and you can only qualify for one. Hopefully one of the other BGOs can chime in to confirm.


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Jul 15, 2007
NavyHoops is correct. You would only be considered for one (see copied Title 10 reference below). This is something I personally saw in the last admissions cycle, when only one nomination displayed. NOTE: the USNA admissions form for this nomination is the same one that is used for the presidential nomination, though a different qualification box would be checked. You are more than welcome to call admissions to make sure you fill out the form correctly and provide the appropriate documentation.

(a) The authorized strength of the Brigade of Midshipmen (determined for any year as of the day before the last day of the academic year) is 4,400 or such lower number as may be prescribed by the Secretary of the Navy under subsection (h). Subject to that limitation, midshipmen are selected as follows:
(1) 65 selected in order of merit as established by competitive examination from the children of members of the armed forces who were killed in action or died of, or have a service-connected disability rated at not less than 100 per centum resulting from, wounds or injuries received or diseases contracted in, or preexisting injury or disease aggravated by, active service, children of members who are in a “missing status” as defined in section 551(2) of title 37, and children of civilian employees who are in “missing status” as defined in section 5561(5) of title 5. The determination of the Department of Veterans Affairs as to service connection of the cause of death or disability, and the percentage at which the disability is rated, is binding upon the Secretary of the Navy.
(b) In addition there may be appointed each year at the Academy midshipmen as follows:
(1) one hundred selected by the President from the children of members of an armed force who—
(A) are on active duty (other than for training) and who have served continuously on active duty for at least eight years;
(B) are, or who died while they were, retired with pay or granted retired or retainer pay;
(C) are serving as members of reserve components and are credited with at least eight years of service computed under section 12733 of this title; or
(D) would be, or who died while they would have been, entitled to retired pay under chapter 1223 of this title except for not having attained 60 years of age;

however, a person who is eligible for selection under paragraph (1) of subsection (a) may not be selected under this paragraph.
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Jun 9, 2006
They are both non-competitive noms, meaning that, if you are qualified for it (via your parent), you get it. I do suspect that there are more kids who qualify for a Pres nom than for a nom as the child of a killed/fully disabled vet. Thus, the competition within that category may be less (fewer folks competing for those slots). Someone please correct me if I've misinterpreted things.