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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by 2017KNR, Jan 3, 2013.

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    I recently found out that I have received a nomination from my Congressman. Even more recently, I found out that another person I know of also received a nomination from the same source; she is a recruited athlete. Typically speaking, when the nomination slate is in, the candidate with the highest whole score is selected, correct? So a good rule of thumb is one-candidate-per-slate. Since the girl is a recruited athlete, she will most likely receive her appointment. How will this affect me, if at all? Do recruited athletes "count" as a slate's candidate and will I sub-sequentially be entered into the national pool? Or do they not count as the sources appointment?
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    Not sure about most of your questions. Just wanted to point out that a lot may depend on the sport etc. She might very well get NAPS which is a good way to red shirt someone. Point is, keep your spirits up. You're not out of it yet. That being said, continue to work the backup plans that aren't already locked in and ready to go.
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    The fact someone is a recruited athlete does not necessarily make them more qualified in USNA's eyes. I've had more than a few recruited athletes with great qualifications receive turn downs. Most of my candidates who receive appointments are NOT recruited athletes.

    Thus, do not assume that the other person will necessarily receive that MOC's appointment slot or that, if she does, it is solely b/c she is a recruited athlete. Too many people believe that recruited athletes are uniformly otherwise less qualified than non-recruited candidates -- that is simply not true.

    Even if someone else off the nom slate receives that MOC's appointment, the rest of you go into the national pool, where you compete against others in the country. If you're competitive, you have a good shot.
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    You also don't know if that other person has another nomination from a different source, for which that candidate will be charged to.

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