Questions on OML (Order of Merit List)

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    For the individual ROTC branches, is it maintained by class year?

    National OML
    1) How often is it updated?
    2) Is it cumulative for some things (for example, GPA) and based on most recent or best scores for others (I'm thinking of the APFT)
    3) Is a cadet's score or standing on the list available to him or her?
    4) If yes to #3, is it through the battalion or from a national source.

    Battalion Level
    1) Is this maintained through the same data base as the national OML or is it less formal?
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    Clarksonarmy could better answer this, but

    Here's my best guestimation from talking to IVs at my school

    1)I believe the only time National OML counts is beginning of Senior year when you apply for branches. Campus OML has to updated more often for things like summer school slots.
    2)GPA is cumulative. Not sure about PT scores for the national OML. The record APFT definitely affect the campus based OML.
    3)I believe so. Through the Battalion

    1)It is a formal list, although I think the cadre is allowed some choice on which factors count more for the campus OML. I could be wrong though.
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    I am no expert on the OLM
    but someone at Purdue AROTC's seems to spend a lot of time
    making PowerPoint's on the subject. here is a link to the most recent.
    (Stashed in Google Docs so it doesn't vanish)
    It should answer most of your questions, and raise twice as many more:rolleyes:
    (Portions are specific to Purdue cadets only)LINK

    Here is an example of a University OLM LINK
    You should probably request a copy of your schools; Which is probably quite similar.
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    If you do a google search for Army ROTC OML you can sift through the sites and find decriptions of how the OML is comprised. To answer a few of your questions.

    The national OML is not kept by class year on a yearly basis.

    The National OML is not even put together until after you have completed LDAC and you complete your assecisions packet at the beginning of your senior year.

    Regarding GPA and PT. The GPA used is the cumulitive GPA through the last semester of your junior year. They use the last 2 recorded PT scores from ROTC and your LDAC PT score. The rest of the OML is figured using LDAC scores, and many many other smaller factors and point systems.

    The only time you will know what you place on the national OML is when they release the information to the Cadre in the Fall of your senior year.

    Batallion level OML can vary from unit to unit in how they maintain the list. At my son's school they meet with the cadets right after the end of the first semester and tell them their place. They wait for the semester grades to come out. GPA and PT are the largest factors, adding in leadership, EC's Volunteering, and other factors. I don't think my son has ever asked his place, he knows he will be told along with everyone else. If you are slipping toward the bottom, your cadre will be sure to let you know.

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