Quick question about BCT


USMA 2027
Sep 13, 2021
Good morning everyone,

I was just wondering, are you allowed to wear a watch during Basic Cadet Training at USMA, and if so, what kind of watches?

Thank you!
The short answer is yes. I'm pretty sure they do not allow smart watches, like an Apple watch, during Beast. Stick with the standard watches like mentioned by @Walman888.
Yes, no smart watches. And for clarification it's CBT. BCT is what enlisted go through (Basic Combat Training).
Keep it simple and inexpensive for CBT. A Timex ironman, or the like, is fine. Once the academic year starts you can reassess your needs.
Son -- '22 grad -- best friend had the cheapest, digital Timex that looked like it came from the 1970's. For Christmas Plebe year we got him a G-Shock. He kept that danged, beat up Timex all four years and my guess is still has it on at Aviation School. Do not use a watch that needs charged daily. Your second day in the field, useless.
I"d recommend a cheap watch just because so many get damaged during summer training. During the academic year, things are different. They also sell a watch at the cadet store that will work well and isn't terribly expensive.
My son loved his G-Shock with multiple timers for land nav segment. You just cannot have a “smart watch” or anything with integrated GPS or internet access capability. He has a couple other watches for classes but always resorts back to the G-Shock for FTX or summer / “smoke sessions.” Just another note: Several past ‘ present cadets have made “most important items for BEAST” or “wish I had at BEAST” videos on YouTube. Some of these were very helpful when used in combination with the Academy list they send out.