basic cadet training

  1. Q

    Quick question about BCT

    Good morning everyone, I was just wondering, are you allowed to wear a watch during Basic Cadet Training at USMA, and if so, what kind of watches? Thank you!
  2. F

    Disposable Camera at Beast?? Help!

    I am looking to send a disposable camera with my boyfriend for R Day (tomorrow) but know that they are very strict about what you can/can't bring. I do not want to get him into any trouble and have not been able to find any answers online. The CBT packing list says no electronics, but does not...
  3. F

    USAFA Advice

    I am a medical turnback from the class of 2022 at the Air Force Academy and will be returning for the class of 2023. I have already gone through basic training and the entire application process. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your DD’s, DS’s, or personal experience, feel free...
  4. Helic

    BCT preparation for Class of 2022

    Hey everyone! Just looking for some extra advice in preparation for BCT coming up in June. Some questions from me are... - Is there anything inparticular you'd recommend to bring that isn't listed? - Is there items you'd recommend I NOT bring that isn't otherwise obvious? - For those who...
  5. XCpanda


    Hi! I wrote one of my letters in a blue ink pen and sent it to my Cadet in training. (USAFA) Would that be alright? Or would it count as contraband etc.? Thanks! Appreciate all answers:) xx
  6. XCpanda

    BCT Letters

    1. Do the DS/cadres read Cadet mail/letters? 2. Would the instructors be allowed to read the mail if everything is written on plain white paper without decoration? 3. Where do the students keep their mail received during BCT?
  7. J

    Squadron Assignments

    Do we have any idea when squadron assignments are coming out?
  8. XCpanda

    BCT Letters

    Hi! I have a few questions about writing letters to your significant other in BCT for USAFA. I plan to apply for USAFA as well once I am old enough. I have been told the DS sergeants and supervisors go through and read the mail. I was told to act no more than a friend in the letters, due to...