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    Context: I am finishing this semester of college but along the way I realized it just is not the place for me (this specific school at least). I am applying to USMMA this year, and truly believe a service academy is the place for me. Last year I applied to USNA and received three nominations but did not receive an appointment.

    I after completing my application I was considering enlisting in the Navy. I was wondering if I got into USMMA for next year if I could go without finishing my enlistment.

    Also, after talking to the soccer coach, he mentioned that there is no current student at USMMA from Vermont (where I am from). Will this help my chance of getting in? After last years nomination ceremony it seemed to that the service academy’s appointments are somewhat of a numbers game.

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    Regarding your admissions question about Vermont, your state of residence will likely help. Because it is a less competitive state, it will be easier for you to obtain a nomination than in states that are super-competitive. Although not every state is represented every year, there is an attempt by admissions to achieve geographic diversity to the extent possible. That does not mean that they lower the standards for some states, but if you are otherwise well-qualified, it cannot hurt to be from a state like yours.
    If you are applying as a current college student, admissions will expect you to continue in college and take challenging courses similar to what you would take as a plebe at the academy. That means cakculus, physics, English, and a full course load. If you quit school after this semester, that will make plebe year academics that much tougher for you because of the time away from school. Good luck.
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    I believe if you received an appointment there is paperwork to transfer from the enlistment but I would verify with admissions before signing anything binding.
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    I don't understand how you're attending college and enlisted, as you seem to imply you are. Also, why not re-apply to USNA, although I expect it's too late for this year. Also, if your current college is the issue, and it's not a Senior Military College (SMC), then those schools would bear investigating as well. They may fit the bill for you.

    Are you currently enrolled in NROTC? If not, why not?
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    He said he considered enlisting. I presume this means he has not enlisted yet.
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