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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by EDelahanty, Aug 31, 2011.

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    The Ranger Challenge Competition seems to be conducted at the brigade level in early to mid-October, just over a month after school year begins. I assume anyone on a Ranger Challenge Team maintains a high level of fitness whether in school or not. Also, if it were held later, there is the problem of weather, at least in some regions.

    Still, has it always been held so early in the school year?

    After the competition, is the goal for the rest of the year to prepare for next year's competition? (If so, do MS4s tend to relax a bit?).

    There are different categories for teams, depending on the size of the battalion. I recall reading the individual teams vary in size from 5 to 10 or 11, or so. Does each team member at an RCC participate in every event?

    (As I type these questions in my pleasant office, sipping hot coffee and enjoying the morning news on the radio, I keep in mind that many cadets are right now making their way in the dark to the practice field to do their hundreds of pushups, situps, dips etc.)
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    I can only speak for my son's battalion.

    Your right about the early competition date, my son goes to a school that is on semesters so they start Aug. 22nd. I often wonder about the schools that don't start until late Sept, how do they fit in the training in such a short time.

    Not to sure about the team size, my son's team was the same size as much larger schools they competed with and my son is from a smaller school.

    For the most part they all compete in the same events, some have different responsibilities on things like the rope bridge. The brigade sends a list of events at the start of the school year, they change from year to year sometimes.

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