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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by jbs123, Sep 20, 2016.

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    My MS1 DS was selected to be on his battalion's RC team. It's a lot of extra work, but he seems to be enjoying it. I was wondering if families typically attend? DS has sent us information if we do want to go, but I sense he doesn't want us there and I will respect that. Just wondering if anyone here has ever gone to watch? Was RC a positive experience for your cadet?
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    Congratulations--my DD was also selected as an MS1. She is thrilled and absolutely loves the extra training. I'm like you, after years of watching basketball games I'm having withdrawals and would love to watch RC. DD says it's all in the woods and there would be nothing to see. But she also probably doesn't really want us there, so she could just be saying that. So I'm also interested in this question.
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    This is very true.

    Had two sons in ROTC over 7 years, both did RC for 3 years each and the competition was held very close to where we live. We did not attend any of the RC competitions, from what they told us they never noticed any spectators other then the Cadre. This is a great bonding time for these cadets, we would have just been in the way.
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    Congratulations to your cadet for making team!! I'd posted same question a few years ago when my DS made RC team as a MS 1 .

    You should go if it's a reasonable car ride!!! You will see LOTs of other spectators there. There are viewing stations. Not advised for anyone who has difficulty walking. It's changed a little over the last three years and it's always interesting. The Cadre like the parents to come. Make sure all spectators get into official "list " and bring ID so you don't have problems getting into base.
    This year my DS is cadet commander of the RC team. Go Three Rivers Battalion Ranger challenge team!!!
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    RC is a great activity in a number of ways. Participation in it catalyzed improvement in my son's performance as a cadet and helped him form bonds with leading cadets in his battalion. The Army being a small world, at the competitions my son met cadets he later encountered at FTXs, LDAC, CULP, and other activities. I completely agree with Jcleppe.

    Encouragement of spectator attendance may vary by brigade. I was given the impression that my attendance was not welcome so I didn't push it. In any case, there would likely be little opportunity to socialize with your cadet. Mine had a long, cramped ride there with his team, a grueling 36 or so hours of competition, and a long ride home.
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