re-order schools of intent


Oct 15, 2017
My son is board ready for the October board, but wants to change the order of his schools of intent. I understand from searching this board that if he wants to change after he's boarded, he needs to contact cadet command. However, we were wondering if anyone knows if he can re-order them before the board and not change his readiness status for the October board, since it's past the deadline for submission. Thanks for any help and all of the other helpful information we've gotten from this forum!
Use the Contact tab within the application and tell them you want to re-order them. Also include what you want the new order to be. I was in the exact same situation (not boarded yet) and they changed it within a few days.
The board does not look at schools. They only score the Cadets attribute. Go ahead and change the order. I think the instructions for reordering may still be in the additional information tab.
Just so you are aware, you're not 'married' to the order of choices for the schools. If he receives the scholarship, it is initially assigned to the first school on the list (presuming there is room in that unit), and since he is ready early with his application before knowing where he's been accepted, he can always put a request in to transfer your assigned unit (school). My DD changed hers twice before she graduated high school and was certain where she wanted to attend. Good luck!