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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by globalview2, Aug 12, 2011.

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    So last year I applied to both USMA and USAFA and was not appointed to either this year. However, due to track, from what I understand and believe, I was offered to go to NMII for both and have a guarenteed appointment for the class of 2016, I did not take this option simply because I felt a year was too long and being from NM NMII is not in a great town:rolleyes:. For USMA the coach even told me that I could go to NMSU, where I am going, and reapply and get in if I redshirt athletics. Air Force I am not sure. I was told by both schools at one point, especially USAFA that I would be in for 2015 for sure. What should I do. I cant get either acadeny out of my head and the feel I am missing out on a great opportunity and something huge??
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    Well first, realize that while going to a prep school increases your chances of getting an appointment; assuming you do your part; there is no "Guaranteed appointment".

    Also; going to NMS and redshirting will keep your NCAA eligibility open, but again, that is not a "Guaranteed Appointment". If your athletics was guaranteed, then they would have given you an appointment this year (2015). Unless your grades weren't good enough, and therefor them offering you some sort of a prep school was their way of getting you in.

    Now; if you turned down a prep-school or military college offer, then honestly, you turned down your best chance of receiving an appointment. Obviously it's too late to change your mind, but hopefully others reading this thread will realize. "If you are turned down to the academy; and you really truly want an academy appointment and to serve; and you're not just looking for a free education; and you are offered a PREP-SCHOOL or a Military College SLOT....... YOU TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!"

    But you've already made your choice. So; go to New Mexico state and apply to the academies now. If you think your academics aren't very good, then maybe holding out on your NCAA eligibility will help. But only you can tell if you think you have a good chance of getting an appointment. If you don't think it's a great chance, then keep applying, and do track at NMS. You can't put off your life because of what MIGHT happen. Remember; there were approximately 12,713 initial applicants for 2015. Of those, 1,159 started BCT. That's 9.1%. If you want the academy bad enough, you'll use every edge you can. But only you can decide what to do next. No matter what option you took, you'd have to wait at least 1 year before the next class; so I don't know what NMMI would have been too long of a wait. It's the same wait as every place else.

    But again; only you can decide. You already removed certain options and opportunities. Now you have to work with what you have left. Best of luck to you.
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    I was not offered an appt. but was told I made it to last panel for discussion, I plan to attend another college this fall, but was wondering what to do about the ACT testing, since I am in college will they look at my grades for the first qrt or will they expect me to take the ACT again? I don't even know if it is worth my time. Any suggestions?
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    How long does the year feel to you right now?
    I know the past 5 years have flown by...From Prep School-Graduation '11. Now it is about 60 months of Pilot Training...Then another 10 years of commitment...
    Got to get those feelings in check.


    Does a $400,000 dollar education seem worth it?
    How about opportunities to travel the world while at USAFA, seem worth it?

    Here to learn to lead and be a leader, or a townie?

    Yes Sir...:hammer:
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    If you really want to go to a SA, then you will do anything to get there. ANYTHING. I know I would.
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    Quick question, did the AFA say this or the coach at the AFA? Big difference.

    Last yr was a blood bath for apptmts., and this yr the numbers are expected to drop even lower by @ 10%. 1150 for LY, predicting 1050 TY.

    It appears to me you are a recruited athlete. I highly doubt that their athletic department is not going to feel the same fair share regarding reduction in numbers.

    What if you get injured? Is that guarantee still on the table? What if your times are not TY as great as LY? Are you still in?

    In essence, were any caveats placed on you that must happen this yr? GPA?


    Yes, they will look at your grades from college, but if I recall correctly from other posters, college applicants get reviewed in Dec., because 1st semester ends at that time. There are colleges on quarters and tri's, but they are few and far between compared to semesters.

    Just wanted posters to realize that differentiation for college compared to HS candidates.

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