Recognition Spirit Missions


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Oct 10, 2007
I have heard about Squadron 39's recent "Toilet Seat" Spirit missions (no thanks!). What have the other squadrons done to top that one? Any really memorable missions from previous years?
Memorable (and I need to send pictures to the 4 digs for motivation):

My squad 4 dig year put a 5X5 sheet banner with a giant V (for squad 5) on the chapel that was photographed by the jump or glider people that morning.

Last year Tiger Ten 4 digs put an ENORMOUS blow-up tiger on spirit hill.

Both years they were pretty much the top 40 days spirit missions.
Hornet, I saw pictures of the V. Epic.

By the way, I thought gliders/jump was primarily a summer thing. When can you also do that, and what years? I want to jump out of an airplane as many times as I can :smile:
I heard the pink panther grabbed a cadet's saber and ran off with it during a parade on the terrazzo.

Hey Cad do you know Jeff Hutchins?
I think Cadet Hutchins might have been my SS element leader for a day last year. BTW what was the "Toilet Seat" spirit mission?
could you post a link to the pics matt? or hornet?