Relationship while in AFROTC?


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Sep 25, 2021
Hello everyone!
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So currently I am attending AFROTC with my girlfriend and I am currently in AS200 but she is in AS100. We've been dating for 5 years and did long distance for a year so I would consider it is pretty serious?..
Because of that 1 year difference I am very concerned of how it will play out after AFROTC since I would be getting my assignments, deployments ahead of her. I fear that by the time i get back from deployment then she would be on hers and just cycles through.
My questions are:
I heard that if you get married as cadets then there is an increased chance of being stationed together?(of course that is if we feel like we are ready by the time I am AS400 and she's AS300)
If this is true does it apply to cadets who have 1 year difference?
If not is there any other way that we can be stationed together within 4 after years after graduating from AFROTC?
Sorry if this post has been posted, I've been trying to look for a post like this for 2 weeks now and I couldn't find any so I decided to make one.
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Jan 18, 2017
The military does its best to assign dual military couples to the same post, but at the end of the day, the needs of the military come first.


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Jun 21, 2016
It also depends on your jobs. If you are an F-16 pilot and she is a missileer (or reverse roles as to not be sexist) it may be hard to get you both in the same base. She is a B-52 pilot and you are a missileer then sure you can both be at Minot.


Sep 3, 2021
The military program is/was called "Join Spouse". As Humey said, a lot depends on your specialties - if your specialties don't have slots at a particular base, it could be impossible for one of you to be assigned where the other is. Also, you two could apply for Join Spouse if going overseas, and discover that the military's view is that you are together if in the same theater. Example: one of my airmen was stationed at Ramstein (Germany), and his wife at RAF Mildenhall. That was Join Spouse for them.