Relationships across colleges

Cross college relationships

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Jan 8, 2017
My girlfriend goes to West Point, but I'm not sure if its the best situation for us or if it would work out.
Does anyone have a success story of relationships across colleges or should I let her go and break up?
Odds aren't in your favor, from what I hear WP has a 2% success rate in this regard.
Who knows though, you could be in the 2% ! This is decision for both of you to make.
If you're looking for outside validation of your relationship, you may want to consider what your commitment is to the other person, the only other person that matters in said relationship, actually is. Relationships at West Point, even when you have the other person there at the Academy, are hard. Distance, no matter where you are at, makes maintain a relationship hard, and West Point could just be the start; I've been separated from my husband for over two years now because of the military and it will probably be another couple years at least, because of the way our timelines career wise are working out, before we live in the same location. If its the right person, you take the time to make it work, but you need to have that conversation with your girlfriend, not with anyone else.
Seems to me if you have to ask random internet strangers, you already know the answer. My DS dated his gf for a year and a half before going to WP...they will be together 4 years this fall. They never considered not trying to stay together. It takes a special person to deal w/ the long distances and lack of calls during busy times.
The distance makes it hard. And in general, it won't get easier after college. Discuss it with your significant other.