Report or not?


Jun 11, 2017
When DS was in 9th grade, he was hit hard in the back of the head with a soccer ball during practice. He got knocked to the ground and teammates reported he laid there for 2-3 seconds kind of out of it before he got up. He only remembered going down and right back up. Coach wanted us to have him checked out of abundance of caution. ER doctor said no signs of a concussion. He did not even order a CT or any tests b/c DS did not present with any symptoms at all. But he wanted us to follow up with pediatrician the next day to get a note to be cleared. Went to ped next day, she did the light in his eyes, basic neurological questions etc and said no signs at all of concussion and cleared him for return to soccer. I have already requested his full ped file just to read it and make sure we report things accurately. The note from that day says "exam normal, patient does not have any signs of concussion so I wrote a note allowing him to return to play". So I feel like the answer to "head injury or skull fracture" is no b/c two doctors said he did not have a concussion. However if I need to send his whole file for some reason for a remedial I dont want it to appear that we did not disclose something. I would feel weird answering yes to head injury when two doctors said he was fine but if its better to click yes and explain we will do that. Thanks for any advise.
There's nothing to report. Falling and hitting your head isn't a head injury. The doctor would tell you if he was injured.
Agree with above posters. Do not report.