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Sep 27, 2008
Hello all. I'm a retired Navy captain, a graduate of "another fine institution" (Wake Forest to Navy via OCS), married to another retired Navy captain, USNA '62, former USNA 5th Battalion Officer. For the past 12 years, we have sponsored 4-5 plebes each year at USNA. We now have quite the alumni family, some still serving, and several "sponsor grandkids." We are very involved with USNA life, and I keep up with all kinds of things over in the Yard. I'm pleased to be part of this group and follow what's going on across the Academies.

My naval career centered on Navy operational logistics with the Military Sealift Command fleet and naval installation management. After my command tours, my stint as 5th BattO was my favorite tour. I was Officer Rep for Women's Basketball, The Log, The Lucky Bag and the Class of '98. I was also the Commandant's rep on the Academic Dean's Medical/Dental Officer Board, which reviews applications from midshipmen interested in attending medical or dental school after graduation.

In the interests of full disclosure, I'm with USAA Military Affairs in the Annapolis office. One of my motivations, but not my primary, for officially joining this forum is to catch wind of any Rumor Mill inaccuracies about USAA and, in my private capacity, steer people to where they can find correct information. I will not, of course, be speaking officially for USAA or using this forum inappropriately to promote USAA. For midshipman parents out there, I'm the "Bag Lady" who coordinates the hundreds of Proud Parent of a USNA Midshipman Tote Bag given away on I-Day each summer, sets up the annual Career Starter loan, and takes care of other corporate support of USNA programs. I also look after USMMA in the same way and do Bag Lady duty there as well.

Beat Army, and may all those who go in harm's way come safely home again.
I have been a USAA member for many years (my father is a retired officer) and passed this perk down to my own kids.

My West Point Cadet does all her banking through USAA and is looking forward to her Cow Loan in a couple of years. She has already told me it is for her start up costs as a young officer (or to invest) and not a car! (I am supposed to buy the car!) I was thrilled to get my tote bag on R-Day this past summer.

I personally feel that no one can beat the customer service that USAA provided in either banking or insurance.
One of my motivations, but not my primary, for officially joining this forum is to catch wind of any Rumor Mill inaccuracies about USAA and, in my private capacity, steer people to where they can find correct information.

I can't remember any "USAA rumors" ever being discussed here. :confused:

But I rememebr my wife getting a "Proud Parent of a Coast Guard Cadet" bag at USCGA R-day. :wink:
Actually, we had some good USAA discussions on the other (CC) forum last year around May. There were some issues w/ cadet candidates being allowed to set up accounts online or over the phone. We worked through all of those and several candidates were helped. The major pain w/ USAA (as with anyone these days) is the wait for a live person. My plebe called a few times w/ issues and implored "Mom, take care of this...I don't have time to sit on the phone sorting through the que." So parents, take note: when you set up that account, put your name on it!!
Welcome, Capt MJ, from an Army mom.....we look forward to your participation here. :shake:
Welcome to the forum. We're really glad to have you here; it sounds like you have a lot of great experience and knowledge to share with the board.
Only thing that I would like to see with USAA is more site locations (aka more than Texas). It's a little difficult to make a timely deposit with checks, because there is no local branch.

I love their customer service, I never have a problem getting through on the phone, and they are always polite, great job.

As a Coastie, I can't stand Navy Federal Credit Union, which does not recognize the US Coast Guard as a branch of the military. Yes, the Chief of Naval Operations does, and there is cooperation between the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard as the National Fleet, however NFCU doesn't.

Civilian employees at the Pentagon can get Navy Federal, but Coast Guard can't. This is why I closed my accound with them after I left CGA.
One of the handiest things I have found with USAA is the "Deposit at Home" feature. It requires a computer with a scanner, but I am able to instantly deposit checks into my accounts from home, and the funds are availalbe immediately. LITS, don't know if your situation precludes your using this option, but it settles the problem of timely deposits...
Warm Welcome

Thanks all -- appreciate the welcome aboard. And did I mention, Go Navy, Beat AF tomorrow?
Just sent you a PM w/more details on Deposit@Home. New to this site, so hope a "user malfunction" didn't occur.